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Dental Hygiene: Key to Your Pet's Health

Dental Hygiene: Key to Your Pet's Health

Dental Hygiene: Key to Your Pet's Health

 clean teeth and healthy gums of a dog

Raw-feeding enthusiasts constantly extol the dental hygienic benefits of the raw diet and for good reason. Your dog gets a better, non-abrasive chew that strengthens the gums, cleans teeth and freshens the breath. Of course, you probably already know this.

But what most dog owners tend to overlook is that a dog's mouth is more than just a body part that chews food, in many ways it's more akin to an elephant's trunk. A dog's mouth also functions as a tool, the primary way that they interact with the world.

Think about it, a dog uses its mouth to carry objects, to communicate, to defend itself and when given the chance, to hunt. I would argue that the mouth-muzzle system is by far the most important feature of their body. Consider how much more prominent and powerful that a dog's mouth is compared to a human one, not to mention its prominence in proportional relation to the overall head. Whether a dog's mouth is long and/or wide, it has a far greater utilitarian use than does the human mouth.

This is why dental hygiene is so critical to a dog's well-being. Without healthy gums and teeth, a dog is debilitated and the quality of his life is diminished. The good news is that there's no better way to ensure the optimal dental hygiene for your pet than with a raw diet.

The Mrs. Meadys' format was in fact developed to maximize the dental benefits  of the raw diet for your pet. That's why we offer nice-sized chunks and jumbo burgers that any dog, large or small, can really sink their teeth into. Let's face it, a flat, cookie-cutter patty is just not the same thing. But like I say, trying is believing and your dog's dental hygiene will attest to that.