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We Moved, We Moved (to 221 Chabanel Ouest)

We Moved, We Moved (to 221 Chabanel Ouest)

We Moved, We Moved (to 221 Chabanel Ouest)

Like Villi the local shoemaker says, “Don’t complain about boring routine unless rusty tractor falls on your head. Then complain."

Actually I'm slowly getting back into my routine; no complaints, just a little whining. You see, we just moved to a spanking new facility (221 Chabanel West) and and the dust is slowly settling.  

More important, I found my set of lost car keys behind the vat of duck feet. Couldn't be happier.

“Good thing you moved,” Villi said. "All I ever found in vat of duck feet vas couple of callused toes."

Yes, it's a good thing we moved, not just cuz I found my car keys, but also cuz we're onto bigger and better, new and improved and the quest for the perfect meatball. Mrs. Meadys is branching out into new categories, refining our current offering and fine-tuning our legendary customer service.

I’m elated, excited, enthralled and ran out of alliterative synonyms to convey the rush of dopamine coursing through my varicose veins since we moved.

Nonetheless, I already miss my old desk stained with spaghetti sauce and littered with empty Red Bull cans. 

“You vill soon be back to routine,” Villi tells me over a mug of cold borscht. 

"I sure hope so," I whine, wondering why more folks don't whine. It's really an effective method of getting people to do what you want.

Villi sipped on his frothy mug of borscht and whipped sour cream and poked me in the chest. Borscht dribbled down his whiskery double chin.

"Moving is good. Ven I moved cobbler shop to basement space below Borscht Cafe here, business took off like exploding carbuncle!"

And I agree. About moving that is.

"It's all good," Villi repeated. "It's all good."

And that's the truth.

Drop by our new place at 221 Chabanel West or order online now!