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Seal Oil for Cats

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Type: Cat Food

Elevate your petit minou's health with our superior Canadian seal oil - a natural, potent supplement for robust coats, strong hearts, and overall vitality.

Enhance your feline companion's overall well-being with our premium quality Seal Oil for Cats. Sourced from the pristine waters of Canada, this 100% wild and natural supplement is specifically formulated to promote robust health in cats. With its rich concentration of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, including DPA (Docosapentaenoic Acid), our seal oil offers superior benefits compared to traditional fish oils. The unique molecular triglyceride structure ensures enhanced absorption, allowing for optimal digestion and maximum absorption of these vital nutrients by your cat's body. Supporting their skin and coat health, heart endurance, joint function, immune system strength, growth and reproduction - every aspect of their vitality gets a boost with Seal Oil for Cats. Each 4 mL serving provides potent amounts of Omega-3s derived solely from seal blubber – a truly remarkable source which boasts unparalleled levels of this crucial fatty acid. Treat your beloved pet to the best possible care they deserve today!

  • Promote robust health, skin and coat with premium quality seal oil for cats
  • Enhance heart endurance, joint health, and immune system with 100% Canadian wild seal oil
  • Support optimal growth and reproduction in cats through the natural supplement of seal oil
  • Boost overall Omega-3 retention, blood vessel health, and enhanced absorption with molecular triglyceride structure found in seal oil for cats

Our seal oil is premium quality, 100% Canadian, 100% wild.

Seal oil is the best natural supplement you can give your cat or dog to support robust health, skin & coat, heart endurance, joint health, immune system and growth & reproduction.

Seal oil contains 4% DPA (an omega fatty acid) that occurs naturally in few places: Seal oil and a mother's breast milk are two of them. DPA intensifies the benefits of traditional Omega-3s (DHA and EPA).

Seal oil increases overall Omega-3 retention in the body by more than 50% over fish oil.

DPA is an excellent aid in repairing damages blood vessels.

Enhanced absorption: The molecular triglyceride structure of the seal is more easily assimilated by your pet which means optimal digestion and absorption results.


Ingredients                 Per 4 ML

Seal oil (Made with seal blubber)

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

DHA     8%  288 mg

EPA      6%  216 mg

DPA      4%  144 mg    


Body Weight             ML

less than 6 kg or cats      1 - 2

6 - 12 kg                2 - 4