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Our Story

chocolate lab


My previous dog, Garp, my beloved chocolate lab, suffered from chronic and painful skin allergies and ear infections.  When nothing seemed to help, in desperation I began to experiment with his diet,  implementing changes I hoped may improve his quality of life. 

As I continued my research, I began to believe that dogs thrive when fed healthy grain-free diets with real meat and fresh produce. This lead me to begin developing  and feeding Garp my own recipes of fresh raw dog food. And within weeks I witnessed a complete reversal in his health!

The more I learned about animal nutrition, the less I could understand why here wasn’t a convenient way for me to feed Garp a natural diet of unprocessed grain-free dog food. Moreover, when I started to share my new recipes with friends, their dogs also experienced the same positive results. Word spread, and soon after I launched Mrs. Meadys.

To ensure Mrs Meadys provided the best possible quality products, I called on my background as an award-winning market research consultant.  I checked endlessly for the best local inspected meat and fresh produce sources.  And after following this up with continuous testing and analysis, I developed healthy, nutritional grain-free formulas with no additives or preservatives.

In addition to the special, healthy recipes, considerable time was also spent testing various packaging options necessary to make sure Mrs. Meadys' products are presented in a manner that provides for maximum customer convenience.  Now zip-locked in easy-to serve and easy to-store formats, our packaging is designed to ensure feeding your pet becomes more enjoyable and less of a chore.  

Thanks for taking the time to check us out, and to learn about our products.

I’m totally committed to providing the best customer service possible.  So, please, do let me know if you have any questions - I'd love to hear from you!

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