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Customer Reviews

Mrs. Meadys delivers free to dog park groups of 3 or more. And the customers love it. "Once again I would like to thank you for coming out to meet us and bring us our orders. Such service is rare. Thank you again. And by the way, Sammy loves the Rabbit Supreme!
dog, mixed breed, customer review Mrs. Meadys raw dog foodLiz T., DDO
Mrs. Meadys is proud to count this young, well-behaved pittie as one of ours. This magnificent specimen is in perfect form, curved and muscular like a racehorse. Also note the blue coat and beautiful large head. Danny, the owner, likes to attribute his dog's overall condition to his rawnatural diet. And we agree!
Danny F., Montreal
Bella, our German Shepherd, can't get enough of Mrs. Meadys. The beef and veggie balls have improved her digestive system and also alleviated some of her allergies. She has put on weight (she needed it), has a gorgeous shiny coat and her teeth are clean and breath is fresh. The fact that Mrs. Meadys delivers to our home and that the food goes straight from the freezer to her bowl makes it easy and convenient. We really recommend Mrs. Meadys!
Tammy S., Montreal
"Mrs. Meady's was the raw food company with the most recommendations and positive feedback I researched online. After only 2 weeks of using it on my dog, Grizzlie, I'm surprised to already see actual results. His coat is shinier than it has ever been and there’s no more bad doggy breath and stinky coat smells.
Francis W. , Montreal
Zoe not only breeds champion Alaskan Malamutes, but she's a certified dog trainer and a nutrition counsellor. And Nyny here, is proof that raw feeding is the best source of canine nutrition. Zoe's dogs are fed a wide variety of Mrs. Meadys' products including chevaline, bison, chicken, veal organ meat and have a special fondness for lamb tails and chew tubes.
dog, Alaskan Malamute, customer, breeder review of Mrs. Meadys raw dog foodTonomi Alaskan Malamutes, Quebec
After just the first week with Mrs. Meadys, I noticed several improvements in my dog's health - (energy level, loss of loose stool and hair loss, and disappearance of gas)! Interestingly, Mrs. Meadys also offers fresh vegetables to complement the different types of meat which come in small cubes that make it easy to portion, handle and store. I feed my dog many of the different meat products and my dog digests it easily, without experiencing any symptoms, unlike the commercial dog food.
bulldog, veteranarian review of Mrs. Meadys raw dog foodDr. Lucie C. , Montreal
I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know how insanely wonderful Mrs. Meady's is. The service you get is beyond par, the information provided reassures even the most "green" of customers, the quality of their product is irreproachable and to top it all off my dogs adore their food and as a dog owner there is nothing in this world that make me happier than to see my boys happy & healthy. I am forever sold on not only a raw diet but on the wonderful Mrs. Meady's!
Denyse M., Ste-Sophie, Quebec
I always like to try to support local businesses. A big (unsolicited) shout out to wonderful Lisa from the relatively newly opened Mrs. Meady's Raw Dog and Cat Food store on Churchill. My two senior dogs love their new food, the price is right and it beats processed commercial dog food by a mile. She is very knowledgeable and the transition to raw was easy. Like to spread around my positive experience!
Jane Blanchard, Greenfield Park, Quebec
Clownish and sweet are the best words to describe Mica the bull terrier's personality and she just loves her Mrs. Meady's raw diet.
bull terrier, customer reviews, Mrs. MeadysAnna, Laval
Claims digestion is better on raw diet.
Ca passe super bien avec mon jeune Grand Danois, il adore les boulettes de Mrs. Meadys! Pour moi, c'est sur que la digestion est mieux...
Dr. Julie B., Boucherville

Hi David !

It was nice to see you again last night, we are so pleased with your great service and excellent products. As discussed yesterday here is our little cat's story.

Nous avons 2 chats Devon Rex: Chili 1 an 2 mois et Jean Parmesan 7 mois, voici l'histoire de notre chaton Jean Parmesan. Quand nous avons eu Jean, il était très tranquille pour un chaton, dormait beaucoup et il semblait avoir une personnalité un peu plus capricieuse que notre petite femelle Chili. Il miaulait très souvent, n'aimait pas beaucoup se faire prendre, ne se lavait pas beaucoup et ne jouait pas seul. Nous pensions que c'était simplement son tempérament normal. Quelques mois plus tard, nous avons écouté le documentaire "Pet Fooled" ce qui nous a donné envie de changer l'alimentation de nos 2 chats au raw.

Nous sommes donc allés voir David à la boutique Mrs Meadys et il nous a expliqué comment changer l'alimentation de nos chats, quelques notions importantes sur ses produits et nous a guidé dans le choix des viandes. Nous étions vraiment contents de recevoir un aussi bon service.

Quelques jours après avoir changé l'alimentation des chats vers le raw, nous avons remarqué que Jean ne miaulait plus autant, qu'il était beaucoup plus actif et généralement plus en forme. 5 jours après avoir changé au raw, nous avons vu qu'il se laissait prendre par nos invités, qu'il jouait, qu'il se lavait beaucoup plus. C'est à ce moment que nous avons enfin compris qu'il avait probablement une intolérance aux additifs (farine et etc.) des croquettes commerciales. Le changement au raw nous a donné un nouveau chat, son attitude a complètement changé en moins d'une semaine. Maintenant il est très enjoué, il se laisse prendre même sur le dos, il est à 100% mieux dans son corps et c'est grâce au changement de nourriture ! Nous sommes tellement contents de le voir s'épanouir autant. Avec nos résultats, je suis convaincue que la nourriture raw est vraiment meilleure pour nos animaux et jamais nous n'allons retourner aux nourritures commerciales.

Merci David!

Two cats in a box, on a blanketEdith et Jean-Philippe
I have a French Bulldog named Sullivan who is 14 months old and I was looking for a healthy, easy and cost efficient way to ensure he was getting the best food possible. A friend of mine introduced me to Mrs. Meady's and we've been a client ever since.
Mrs. Meady's makes raw food easy! They have re-sealable and space friendly packaging to make feeding and buying in bulk very stress-free. The staff is friendly and experienced and there is always new choices and variety every time I go. Delivery makes things easy and going to the store is just as fast. I am very happy with the product and services I get from this local merchant and I would recommend it to anyone!
french bulldog, customer review, Mrs. MeadysTara, Montreal
Bonjours! Je m appel Baileys. Mon maitre ma adopté en Aout 2011 car il me voyait négligé. Il ne l'accepté pas donc depuis ce temps nous sommes devenus des compagnons inséparable et complémentaire...Mais mon amis qui est mon maitre avait beaucoup de difficulter a me trouver de la nouriture adapté a moi car ma digestion. C'était difficile et mes selles étaient mou et dur a ramasser. C'est alors tout en se promenent que mon amis a vue un endroit nourriture pour animal de luxe Mrs Meadys et il m'en a apporté. A! que j ai aimé et après un certain temps tout est devenu a la normal. Mon amis, mon maitre en est tres heureux et moi aussi puis que depuis ce temps li ne me nourris qu avec Mr.Meadys. Et moi - j'ai toujous hate a mon repas car je sais que je vais manger des produits bon au gout et bon pour moi sur ce Merci a Vous de Baileys un fervant Amis!
dog, boxer, customer review Mrs. Meadys raw dog foodAldo C., Montréal
No question about it, pugs do better on raw diets. Many of them seem to have gas issues when fed kibble. In fact, we had one customer who couldn't have people over in her apartment, the gas was so bad. (All that went away with the introduction of a raw diet). Check out this pair of pugs that are in excellent condition: lean, clean teeth and shiny coats. Mariko, their mom, likes to attribute this to their raw diets. Naturally we agree!
Mariko N., Montreal
Unabashed Mrs. Meadys' Fan
We are the lucky ones to have found Mrs. Meady's. From the very first time Maria randomly called you for information on your products to now. We love your business, but also appreciate the people behind the business. So thank you and see you soon!
Jay & Maria, Montreal
Just fed Xander his elk meat and he LOVED it - He looked all paranoid like he thought "this is too good to be true" she's gonna take it away from me. Honestly Dave, your products are better than anything they currently have in the raw pet food industry. Thanks again for the awsome products - Xander's happy so I am too!
dog, pomeranian, customer review Mrs. Meadys raw dog foodGiselle :-) Oakville, Ontario
Fanny might just be the most content cat on the island. We like to think that her raw diet might have something to do with it. Good work, Gerry!
Gerry C., Pincourt
We like to think that our product variety and packaging make it easy for customers to feed their pets a natural balanced diet. Here's a pic a customer of ours (Tayna) shared with us along with her caption: "Meal preparation for the week :)" Thanks, Tayna! We are happy that you are happy!
Tayna T., Laval
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