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The Dentopak Dozen

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Type: Dog Food

Enhance your furry friends oral health with Dentopak for Dogs - the natural choice for dental care and nutritious satisfaction.

Introducing Dentopak for Dogs, a revolutionary solution to enhance your canine companion's oral health! Our all-natural dog treats are meticulously crafted to provide exceptional dental care, promoting optimal teeth and gum health. With a range of a dozen natural treats like a beef mega bone, duck necks, chicken necks and lamb shank bones, your dog will have everything to keep him busy and his teeth sparkling clean.

We prioritize the use of quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Each treat is specifically designed to offer roughage that aids in reducing tartar buildup and preventing periodontal issues. By maintaining excellent oral hygiene with our dental chews, you can potentially reduce the risk of gum disease while mitigating the potential development of severe ailments such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes or even cancer. Not only do these satisfying chews serve deliciousness for your four-legged friend, but they also provide a nutritious source of essential nutrients.

Packaged in ziplock bags for maximum freshness assurance during freezer storage while offering convenience through home delivery or pick-up options – get ready to embark on a journey towards superior dental well-being for your beloved pet with the Dentopak Dozen for Dogs!

  • Enhance your dog's oral hygiene with Dentopak for Dogs, the natural dental care solution that promotes healthy teeth and gums health
  • Give your furry friend a satisfying chew while providing essential nutrients from our beef marrow bone and duck necks treats
  • Protect against tartar buildup and prevent periodontal issues, which can lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer

Let your pet bare his teeth with confidence! Our DentoPak includes an assortment of duck and chicken necks/ Wagyu mega bones/meaty lamb bones (items may be substituted based on availability) – all the essential chews needed to keep oral hygiene sound and sturdy. Better yet, the dental chews are 100% natural, unlike the other manufactured alternatives.

Natural dog treats for dental care

Improving your dog’s teeth and gum health is easy with the right selection of natural treats; a hard and meaty beef marrow bone for a long chew, edible soft duck necks for cleaning the enamel surface and the chalky texture of duck feet to massage the gums.

Ingredients: Duck and chicken necks/Wagyu mega bone, lamb bones

Although your dog will benefit from the chalky bone, gristle, and connective tissue which contain valuable nutrients and roughage and promotes effective cleaning of teeth and gums. About 30 minutes on and off scraping and ripping the bone meat will provide your dog with an excellent oral workout.

Duck Neck: Because duck necks are composed of soft bone and tissue meat that is still attached, the impact on the teeth is like getting brushed, flossed and gums massaged. This helps reduce troublesome tartar and periodontal issues down the line. In fact, many studies have shown that gum disease is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even certain types of cancer.

Beef bone provides your dog with a satisfying and safe chew, a chance to gnaw away for days as he digs into the nutritious bone marrow. 

"All Mrs. Meadys’ products come from locally sourced suppliers."

Food comes in vacuum packed pouches or ziplocked bags to ensure freshness and easy freezer storage.

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