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The Benefits of Salmon for Cats & Dogs

The Benefits of Salmon for Cats & Dogs

I'm crazy for salmon, crazy for salmon. For my dog, that is, although I do enjoy a good Sunday morning bagel and lox sandwich. That said, I really mean that I love salmon for my dog and he loves it too.

Why? Salmon is not only chock full of Omega 3's - great for the coat, but this wondrous fish also has all the good fats one could want, and that's especially good when you own a terrier or another type of high-energy dog. For example, I'm thinking of a customer who has an Italian greyhound that eats like a puppy, (5% it's body weight per day), but is still on the skinny side. Salmon was his savior.

Salmon is perfect for a dog like this or for my Welsh terrier who burns a ton of calories just staring out the window. Some dogs just have that humming-bird metabolism similar to those people who can eat anything and not put on weight. It's just the way they are. Fortunately, there's salmon - the perfect protein meat.

Of course, if your cat or dog is on the chubby side or has a slow metabolism like a bulldog or basset hound, then salmon would still be beneficial, but in much lower doses. Salmon is till great for the coat and overall constitution.

All this to say, whether your cat or dog is hyper-kinetic or a couch potato, zuftig or skinny, salmon should be an important part of his diet. And that's why, I'm crazy for salmon, crazy for salmon.