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Dogs and Cats Getting Gnarly

Dogs and Cats Getting Gnarly

Dogs and Cats Getting Gnarly


Hey you!

Yeah - you out there reading this fine blog.

Does your pet know how lucky it is?

It eats better than you. Truth is, your pooch would eat roadkill with gusto and your puddy-cat's favorite dish is mouse-au-poubelle. Meanwhile you’d have a fit if you saw your pet eating one of those nasty noshes.

Without reason I may add, cuz your pet is not human or Vulcan or even Ferengi. A cat or dog thrives when you simply let it be, whether it’s ratting with the boys or raiding the robin’s nest.

Doin’ what comes naturally.

I have no doubt you're an amazing pet owner if you're reading this blog post.  It's obvious that you care - you really care.  So whatever the case may be, whatever weird and wonderful idiosyncrasies you or your pet may enjoy - you’re doing it right, baby. Yeah, even you wearing the Klingon mask.

But you have to let go, bro. It’s okay if Rover gobbled up a gnarly nugget in the dog park or Pussin’ Boots ate your guppy. What's gross for you is a delectable delight for them.

Think about it; our ancestors ate

Bugs and slugs and grubs and snails

And monkey brains and poop of whales

And gopher guts and turtle tails

They ate their food that way

After all, food is just a configuration of organic molecules with a side dish of protein. It’s the fuel that sustains life regardless of its form or how much gas it gives you.

A rose is a rose is a rose. Things are what they seem.

And that dear reader, is the wonder of life.