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Dogs Love Veal Tails

Dogs Love Veal Tails

Dogs Love Veal Tails

They are the best of snacks, they are the healthiest of snacks. They are natural, they are tasty.  Indeed, these wondrous snacks should be part of any carnivorous pets' diet.



Veal tails
 for dogs (cats too)  are probably the best natural and healthy treat you can give them. They are packed in 1 Kg ziplocked bags and vary in size between 3 – 6 inches. Veal tail (tips) consist of chewy cartilage wrapped in lean veal meat.

Easily digestible, they are ideal for cleaning your dog's teeth and gums, not to mention fresh breath. They will also keep his stools firm and diminish unpleasant odors. Loaded with glucosamines, regular consumption of these tasty tips with help your dog maintain strong bones and joints. Serve them frozen or thawed and you’ll have one happy cat or dog!

Produced in Quebec, hormone-free, 100% natural