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Is a Frozen Raw Diet Better Than a Thawed Raw Diet?

Is a Frozen Raw Diet Better Than a Thawed Raw Diet?

Thought I'd share with you my latest raw-feeding flip flop. I used to be a real feed-em-frozen type of raw feeder. "Gives them a better chew and more water, makes them eat slower and cleans the teeth," - all of which are completely true.

Then I noticed that my dog, DJ, stopped attacking his frozen meatballs and let them thaw a bit before he chowed down. At first I just thought that he wasn't crazy about that particular protein meat, but when he balked at eating most of his frozen meals, it became apparent that he preferred his food thawed.

I must admit that losing all of the frozen benefits peeved me, but after some deep reflection it started to make sense. First of all, a dog's appetite is whetted by the smell, the aroma of their food. It's insane how much more acute their sensory perception is than that of us mere mortals.

Secondly, it's natural for a canine to eat freshly-killed hot meat and rip the flesh. Somewhat gruesome, I confess, but that's the raison d'etre of a carnivore. Might as well go with the flow, I thought. If DJ prefers his raw food a little warm, let him have it that way!

All this to say that I've changed my position on feeding raw frozen. Of course, I still think there are more benefits to eating it frozen, but if your cat or dog likes it better thawed, then I will boldly proclaim, "Let them eat warm!"