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How Long It Should Take Your Dog to Adjust To a Raw Diet

How Long It Should Take Your Dog to Adjust To a Raw Diet

How Long It Should Take Your Dog to Adjust To a Raw Diet

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We live in a truncated world hurtling at the speed of Trumpian misadventure, obsessed with the quick fix, quick answer, quick everything. I'm baffled by son's Instagram addiction to 15-second videos; I can't even tie my shoes in that time. And so it is.

But consider this: it took us some 14 billion years to get to these 15-second videos, 9.5 billion years before Earth was formed, another 1.2 billion years till the first forms of life appeared and a further 1.99999 billion years till animals like dogs, cats, sheep, goats and cows were domesticated. You catch what I'm saying? Stuff takes time. The world is a work in progress.

And that's also the case for getting your cat or dog on the right diet. It's a process, it's trial-and-error and in a constant state of flux. What works today, might not work tomorrow, what didn't work yesterday could be the panacea to a crisis.

For example, you adopt a mangy, skin-and-bones mutt from the shelter. He's in desperate need of putting on some meat on them bones. So you start him slowly on a diet of chicken, turkey and veggies. It takes a while before he gets used to the healthy new diet, he pads his ribs with a few pounds, his breath is much better, his bowel movements are regular.

Time to add salmon and red meats like beef, lamb and bison to the mix and he loves it. In fact, he loves it so much that you stop feeding him poultry meats and even veggies, since he's just 'crazy' about red meats. But soon his state of equilibrium changes, his stools are looser, he doesn't jump for his food. The thing is, that's normal. A diet needs to be balanced and constantly adjusted to your pet's particular situation and that takes time.

Fortunately, you've got patience and understand that there's no cookie-cutter raw diet for all. You must tinker with the diet, you must make some bold choices. Ultimately though, you get it just right...for now, that is. Like our universe that is constantly changing and evolving, so too must your pet cat or dog's raw diet. It took us some 14 billion years to reach this point, let's not discard the innate wisdom of Time for the quick fix of our 15-second Instagram world.