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Dog Owners Will Survive this Pandemic

Dog Owners Will Survive this Pandemic

Dog Owners Will Survive this Pandemic

walking dog with face masks

So here we go again, another seismic shock a la 9/11, another slice off the good ole days of yore. Poker with your buddies, coffee with the usual cast of characters, cussing in traffic.There's a new normal now and a who-knows-what coming around the corner. 

That's just the way it goes. Nature too. One day it's where the dinosaurs roam, the next day boom goes an asteroid and all that's left are moles and voles and merry beetles everywhere. C'est la vie.

At least we have our pets - one of the last vestiges of Normal, whatever that's gonna mean. But take a gander round the old neighborhood, the only traffic you'll encounter are dog-walkers tugging on their canine anchors of sanity.

I ain't no Pollyanna but we'll get through this, hopefully sooner than later, with our dogs alongside. Meanwhile, if you're about to have your 19th nervous breakdown of the day, look at Fido...look real hard. He's living in the moment, happy as can be cuz he's got you, he's got you babe.

So live in the moment, take a long walk with your dog, enjoy the fresh air, search for signs of spring. Yes indeed, the pithy words of my late great Aunt Feebie reverberate loudly, (even though she stole them from Little Orphan Annie), "The sun will come up tomorrow...".