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I Want a Dog

I Want a Dog

I Want a Dog

What parent hasn’t been hounded by their kid for a dog?

I want a dog
I want it now
I do not want
A horse or cow

I was one of those kids and my parents always gave in. “Always” as in that scenario was played out more than once.

Or twice.

The reality: we loved all dogs, great and small, but caring for them was beyond our limited abilities. We had our own “kid” priorities, like watching reruns of Diff’rent Strokes, eating Cheezys till our teeth glowed orange and on occasion, doing homework.

Lord knows we tried, we tried in vain to master the art of dog care.

Sit, sit…SIT!
He won’t sit!
Give him a Cheezy.

We tried.

Truth is our parents were simply too busy working and running a house to have any energy left for raising a dog.

Besides, we promised to take care of the pup. 

We promised, cross my heart.

But like my sister says, “Never trust a kid.”

Get this: no matter what blood oath a kid makes about caring for a dog, the parents end up doing the work, otherwise it’s rehome-Fido-time.


It's not fair, for both the family and especially the pooch. The sober reality: you can’t expect a kid to take care of a dog. Maybe a turtle.

After two dogs, three if you count five-day Duke, we finally got it right. By that time we were teenagers and knew everything about what not to do.

Also, our Cheezy addiction had been treated.

The takeaway: a family and a dog shouldn't have to suffer because a kid makes a promise.

Yes, a dog completes a family, just don’t get one for the sake of the kids.

Do it for yourself.