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Moose, the Gentle Wolf Dog

Moose, the Gentle Wolf Dog

Moose, the Gentle Wolf Dog

 Hybrid wolf dogs lying down with hairless rat

Check this out: Moose, the wolf-hybrid chilling with "his" pet (hairless) rat. Take note, I say "his" not the pet of Dany and her son, Matt, (Moose's owners). This is Moose's pet rat. Dany and Matt, by the way, have a few pet rats of their own, not to mention guinea pigs, a rabbit and two cats, a chocolate Siamese and a Blue Russian with like 24 toes!

But the story gets even more unbelievable: their Siamese cat is afraid of the rat! This situation is out of Alice and Wonderland. Throw logic out the window, bury everything you've ever known.

Here's my take on this exceptional situation worthy of a reality show. Some people are simply gifted communicating with animals, like Dany and Matt. They can read animal behavior on a different plane. The animals feel completely secure in their environment, it's like the foretold days of the Messiah where, "The lion shall sleep with the lamb."
That's what I love about this business; where else would I get the opportunity to witness nature turned on it's head?

Of course, maybe Moose's behavior has some thing to do with his Mrs. Meadys' diet?