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cat and dog eating raw food from bowl

Why You Should Feed Your Pet a Raw Diet

Why You Should Feed Your Pet a Raw Diet

cat and dog eating raw meat and vegetables from yellow bowl

"My dog (or cat) eats better than me!" is probably the line we hear most often after a purchase.

"Of course," I'll inevitably reply. "As they should!"

Now don't get me wrong folks, I'm not advocating for pets over people, especially considering the great hunger around the world. Not only is this a serious topic for another day, it's also well beyond my little world of making great healthy food for cats and dogs.

The reason I say that our pets should eat better than us is because in most cases, they don't have ability to choose. We give them food, they eat it. Pets don't have to fret whether to have a salad for lunch or a burger and fries. A cat or dog will eat or should eat what's in their bowl. So if we provide them with a healthy meal of premium meats and fresh produce, they will eat it with glee. Try that on your kids and it's another story, it's mac and cheese over salmon and broccoli every day of the week.

It's a struggle for most of us to eat healthy when the choices of junky comfort food are staggering, easily accessible and relatively affordable to all. How I wish I didn't have to battle daily with the carb and sugar demons that confront me every waking hour. Contrast this to your cat or dog; feed them a high grade raw meal that's healthy and tasty and they're at one with the world. How easy is that?

There's no excuse for feeding your pet commercial slop when there are a manifold of better alternatives out there. As for us living in a world with far too many choices, eating right is not so easy. Free choice is a double-edged sword, but since we at least control that part of our pets' lives, we can choose to feed them the best diet. It's that easy, it's that right.

Choose raw - and once you're at it, choose Mrs. Meadys!