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Recapturing Childhood When You Have a Dog

Recapturing Childhood When You Have a Dog

Recapturing Childhood When You Have a Dog


dog with tongue out

Once upon a time, a sense of wonder pervaded our very existence. Things like rainbows, cloud formations, the whiskers on Grandma's chin, it was all, like wow! A time when Narnia seemed more like a possibility than a book, a time when a pack of bubble gum would make your day, a time when happiness was really a warm puppy.

"Don't live in the past," the sages pronounce, yet I will never turn away from the past - no apologies, no regrets. In fact, I still see life through the eyes of a child because I have a dog, my eternal kid.

Unlike our little hominoid kinder who grow up in fifteen minutes, become world-weary after an hour, lost in a land of hypnotic blue rays of vulgarity forever, a dog never truly grows up. 

With a dog you can re-experience the wonder of it all, take in the universe as if it was the first time: Fido lunges and barks at that squirrel while it bolts up the tree. You're amazed at the bushy-tailed varmint's quickness; how it can scurry up the tree seemingly defying gravity.

Then you walk by the house with the willow tree and hear Buckwheat, the standard poodle barking away at your Fido as if to say, "I'm here in the backyard, I'm here! Stop by! Stop by you selfish bastards!"

Of course, Buckwheat does it every time you walk past his house. Still, you marvel at his bionic aural faculties: How can he actually hear you across the street from his fenced-in backyard? Or maybe it's his ridiculous sense of smell? And while you know that dogs can hear and smell like a million times better than humans, you still wonder: How is that possible?

For that matter, how is anything possible? How does this electrical line overhead deliver power to every home on the block; I mean have you ever seen an electrical current, let alone an excited electron? How these waves or particles, (or both if you buy into quantum physics, which I don't), travel thousands of miles from a hydro dam and find their way to turn on your TV, another miracle of science? And forget about even getting into what our smart phones can do, (if only I had 10% of my iPhone's brain - sigh). 

Yes indeed, the wonders of life are as plentiful as Oreo crumbs in a teenage boy's bed. You study the world around you and revel in the wonder of it all, because it's life through the eyes of a child all over again - albeit a furry, drooling critter that pees on trees, barks at other dogs he can't see and sniffs telephone poles like a complete loon. Nonetheless dear reader, you experience life on another level.

Because you have a dog.