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Study Proves Raw Diets Cut Down Disease

Study Proves Raw Diets Cut Down Disease

Study Proves Raw Diets Cut Down Disease

black, white and brown dog licking its mouth

The other night I stumbled upon an illuminating study conducted by Dr. Anne Hielm-Bjorkman (from the vet school in Helsinki, Finland), who also happens to be the leading researcher on the effects of raw diets for dogs. Her ground-breaking work has spanned over two decades.

In any case, the study I'm referring concerned homocysteine, a marker of inflammation and chronic disease in the body, and how different levels of it affected the dogs she examined, (four groups of dogs for six months). 

Group 1 were former raw fed-dogs that were switched to kibble for the second half of the study, (the last three months). Group 2 were kibble-fed dogs that were switched to raw food for three months. Groups 3 & 4 continued eating their regular food (either dry or raw for the full six-month study).

Guess what? The raw-fed dogs fed raw that continued on the raw diet had the lowest homocysteine levels, at 0.17mM (a very favorable level). But the kibble-fed dogs that continued eating dry food had the highest levels of homocysteine, 10 times more than the raw fed group (1.57mM). Alarming!

Listen to the Dr. Hielm-Bjorkman on this podcast:

That's not all: the dogs raised on raw food and switched to kibble had a 500% increase in levels of the disease marker in the body at the completion of the study (0.77mM). The key finding here is the fact that the kibble-raised dogs that switched to raw diets for three months had a dramatic decrease in the disease marker (0.3mM).

So don't let anyone tell you that raw diets are just the trend du jour, as per the study, it's far far healthier. I believe that this type of illuminating  research will be a harbinger of dietary changes for cats and dogs, that eventually raw will replace kibble as the food of choice. It's about time!