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Processed Food is Bad For Pets

Processed Food is Bad For Pets

Processed Food is Bad For Pets

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The things we ate as kids: Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms, jaw-breakers - just to name a few of the ultra-processed, nutritionally barren tummy-fillers we devoured. Is it any wonder we had mouthfuls of cavities, bellies full of lard? In fact my brother Gorman, who used to eat Halloween kisses and guppies for breakfast and had 13 cavities during a check-up, became a dentist.

But today, it's a different story: all the kids are on gluten-free diets, drink bottled water instead of Mountain Dew and eat mangoes when their sweet tooth calls. It just ain't the same.

And that goes for cats and dogs too. Former kibble and mushy-can feeders now feed raw, much to the delight of their pets. Natural, biologically-appropriate food just makes sense.

Kibble and canned food doesn't.

So if you're still a can or kibble pet-feeder, consider these times, when your pet's healthy and robust constitution will keep them going. 

And alive.

The old ways of ultra-processed food don't work no more.

No more, no more, no more, no more.

Preservatives, additives and pretty packages with deceptive brand names simply don't cut it. 

Arise, get up, wake up. Open your eyes, step out. Move from where you are to where your pet needs to be.

Feed natural. Feed real. Feed raw.