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Why Your Dog Needs Real Meat

Why Your Dog Needs Real Meat

Why Your Dog Needs Real Meat

 poster of carnivores

Is it any wonder that carnivores are at the top of the food chain in virtually every ecosystem on land? After all, protein-rich meat was the secret sauce that fueled the growth and development of their brains to the point where they became masters of their domains. There's the lion, the bear, the wolf - just to name a few. A large brain gave them the ability to hunt with guile, to form social packs, to care for their young until near-adulthood. Why? Because brain-food is meat.

Think about the animals with the highest intelligence; with a few exceptions like elephants, ravens and parrots, they are all carnivorous mammals. Think about the difference between the chimpanzee and the gorilla. Both of these great apes have remarkable intelligence, but why is the chimpanzee smarter? Why does it share 99% of its DNA with humans, while the gorilla checks in at 98%? And trust me, that 1% is a huge difference, the difference that separates us from chimps.

Now, consider this: Chimpanzees are omnivores that eat meat, gorillas are vegetarians. Meat means more protein, which leads to bigger brains, more mobility and a greater adaptability. Not so with a herbivore, no matter how intelligent or large it is. Think of the gorilla in remote mountain jungles, (where vegetation is plentiful). Take it out its habitat  and it goes extinct, while the nimble chimpanzee adapts. And there's the predominantly bamboo-eating panda that is nowhere near as robust as the omnivorous rest of the bear clan. Again, the difference between these top guns and second fiddles is their diet, because meat gives them an edge.

So while protein-laden meat may not be the sole criteria related to large-brained mammals (i.e. whales and elephants), it is the most efficient source of protein. A fox eats a rabbit and it snags its protein. Mr. Fox doesn't have to graze all day, escape predators or be physically dominant like a bison. This wily creature can adapt to almost any habitat because he's a carnivore with an inherent intelligence that has allowed him to thrive for millennium.

All this to say that your cat or dog did not evolve to eat ultra-processed kibble; it's certainly not a food source found in nature. Your pet evolved on meat-based diets with high-protein content - that's the primary reason they're gifted with intelligence. So why do pet owners still feed kibble?

Why do people eat fast food?

Because it's easy. Because the Big Marketing Machine tells them to do so.

Understand this, dear reader: Proteins are the building blocks, the essential nutrients of any living organism. They are a fuel source, they repair damaged cells and tissues, a creature cannot live without them.

Why on earth, why, would you feed your cat or dog anything else than a natural raw diet? 

Because they told you so?

I hope not.