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Canine and Feline Jaws Evolved to Eat Meat

Canine and Feline Jaws Evolved to Eat Meat

Canine and Feline Jaws Evolved to Eat Meat

cat jawcanine jaw

          Cat                                                                              Dog

You don't have to be Charles Darwin to get that the Almighty designed the carnivore to eat meat NOT kibble.

Study these cat and dog jaws. Observe the shape of the jaw. The claw-like grip, the razor teeth. Cats, even more so than dogs. Any wonder they don't do veggies like dogs? Your cat is basically a tyrannosaurus your dog, a raptor.

Understand this whether you are a cat or dog owner: Your pet is a beast!

Three choices: What should a beast eat?

1) Quiche

2) Kibble

3) Meat mixes

I'm not even going to answer the above question. You know the answer.

So why do some people still feed their pet carnivores kibble or canned mush?

No idea.

Why is Trump the President?

Why haven't the Montreal Canadiens won a Stanley Cup since 1993?

Why does the Theory of Relativity not apply to Quantum Physics?

No idea.

Look at these diagrams of jaws again. Study them. Contemplate.

What were they designed to eat (if you're a Creationist)?

What did they evolve to eat (if you're a Rationalist)?

Still, no matter what your viewpoint is, no matter how you cut it, your pet is a carnivore and he needs meat.

Look at the diagrams again.

You agree. You have to. It is incumbent upon you to do so. 

Ergo, there is only one correct answer concerning his diet. And that answer is a raw diet. I repeat, the correct answer is a raw diet.

Don't be in denial.

So why do so many still resist, still deny Nature's intent?

Same reason Trump is President. They just don't get it.