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Toxic Foods for Dogs

Toxic Foods for Dogs

Toxic Foods for Dogs

dog and grapes

Most of you probably know by now about the toxic foods for dogs. A Google search will no doubt bring up a bunch of these foods, but I thought I'd jot down what are generally considered to big the major "do-not-feeds." So here we go:

Onions, garlic, and chives—and any foods seasoned with them—are a big no-no for your pooch, because they’ve been associated with a disorder called hemolytic anemia, which can damage a dog’s red blood cells. The same goes for spices such as onion and garlic powder. If your dog happens to eat any of these alliums, watch out for symptoms of hemolytic anemia: disorientation, fatigue, listlessness, pale gums, and a rapid heartbeat. As the disease progresses, dogs can also develop darkened urine, jaundice, and vomiting.

Food that has gone bad. Some dogs will eat anything, so watch out. If a food is moldy or is spoiled, don’t give it to your dog. And be careful to keep garbage cans and compost bins in a place away from your dog

Fried or Fatty Foods. Foods that are overly fatty, such as fried chicken, are very dangerous for dogs.If they eat enough, such foods can cause inflammation of the pancreas, causing that organ to produce enzymes that can severely damage your pet’s intestines. This can even become life-threatening. 

Grapes.  Scientists aren’t sure exactly why grapes are one of the most toxic foods for dogs, or which compound in them makes dogs so sick, but there’s been a well-established association between grapes and acute kidney failure in some pups. This includes currants and raisins, which can deliver an even stronger toxic punch than a grape, because the fruits are dried and therefore the compounds are more concentrated.

If  by chance your pooch gobbles even just one grape behind your back, watch for signs of kidney failure, which can initially include diarrhea and vomiting, and then abdominal pain, dehydration, lethargy, low urine output, and weakness, according to the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Nuts. Nuts are just bad for all dogs away from all nuts, but macadamia nuts are even worse. True, a dog would have to eat a considerable amount of macadamia nuts to get sick, but if it does, it could become depressed or experience fever, muscle weakness, and vomiting. 

Salty Snacks like chips or pretzels. Sounds pretty obvious, I mean they're bad for us, but for dogs even worse. The excessive salt cause sodium ion poisoning in dogs, lead to depression, diarrhea, high fever, excessive thirst, kidney damage, seizures, and vomiting. Let's just say, "Stay away."

Sugar substitutes: You'd probably never even consider giving a processed sweet treat to your dog and for good reason. Even a small amount of it can trigger an immediate spike in your dog's insulin levels, which could cause blood sugar to plummet to dangerous lows.

In any case, these are but a few of the foods that dogs shouldn't eat, but there are more, so I'd encourage you to do a little research. Trust me, it will be time well spent.