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My little French Bulldog has a very sensitive stomach and even the fanciest kibble was proving to be problematic. I did some research and came upon Mrs Meady's and decided to give them a try, am I ever glad I did! They are responsive and can recommend a diet that suits your dog, breed and wishes. The delivery times are convenient and it's only 8$. My dog adores his food and dances as soon as he sees the bag come out of the freezer every single day. If you love your pet like a child, then why not spring for the best? His coat is shiny and soft, his teeth are in top shape and his digestion is now a breeze; a raw diet is the only way to go and Mrs Meady' s makes it so very simple plus David is a dream to deal with: highly recommend for your pooch too! (Hibou says "WOOF!")
Janine T., Montreal
A Belgian Malinois is a serious dog, it's no wonder they are used as guard dogs in the White House. Check Pancho and his new little sis, Sanza. Both are doing great on their Meadys' raw diet. Take note that they come from one of the premier breeders in world, who (naturally) feeds all her dogs raw diets.
Ashley M., Montreal
Zoe is a gorgeous shih tzu mix who seems to attract all the men, like DJ in this case? Maybe it's because of her smile and clean healthy teeth. She maintains her white choppers by chewing on lots of bones and duck necks. Eight years old, great teeth and a killer smile.
Karine C., Montreal
Ross is a chef in one of Montreal's hippest restaurants, so he's really picky about what he feeds his gorgeous Bengal kitten. He's particularly fond of some of the gamier meats like elk, venison and beef heart, not to mention fish, mussels and just about everything else. Ross uses Chicken Plus as the base meat to most of the meals and spices it up with those gamier meats. Judging by the coat and overall health of the kitty, the raw diet is certainly doing the trick.
Ross M., Montreal
We'd say that professional dog-walker, Ann, knows a thing or two about Standard poodles. She's got four of them and exercises her ganag to the max. Ann raves about the improvement in their health since they've been on a raw diet!
Anne G., Montreal

Lottie is a German short haired pointer 11 years old - 12 in December. She is from a working and show pedigree. She has no major health issues that we are aware off, never been on any long term medication. Unfortunately she has always been a food obsessed greedy dog so it wasn't unusual for her to have loose stools and go often. As you know she is an amazing swimmer!!!

My husband has a 4 year contract in Montreal, so we had to decide if shipping Lottie to Montreal from the UK was the right thing to do for her and for us, we did have the option to leave her with relatives. We just didn't know how she would handle the 12 hours minimum in a crate. It was heart breaking leaving her and I hadn't actually seen her for 6 weeks prior to her arrival at the airport. We could hear her howling in the cargo collection area before we could see her so we knew she had survived the flight. She has always been a very clean dog but we were amazed to see she had not done anything in her crate, she went crazy when she saw us and did the longest wee you have ever seen.

The first few days she seem a little stiff, panting a lot and diarrhea, we put this down to stress and the journey, but I was concerned she looked a little skinny. Before leaving the UK some friends had recommended we try a raw food diet for her, so I thought this would be an ideal time to try her on it. I did some research online and found Mrs. Meady's. David has delivered every order we have placed and over the last 4 weeks we have watched her put on a few pounds, and regain her energy levels, but best of all she does poo I can pick up and you would think it has come from a Chihuahua. I try to be really strict with her and the only treats she has is from Mrs Meady's Chicken necks, tripe and meaty lamb bones.

I am so pleased we changed her diet and I am certain Lottie is too.

Thanks David!

Pam S., Lachine, Quebec