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Canine History of the World

Canine History of the World

Canine History of the World

Canine Genesis 2:3A

"And on New Year's Day of the 20,000th year or so, Man Created Dog.

And He created Dog in his own image: short ones, tall ones, furry ones, bald ones.

And Man looked at all the breeds he created and saw that it was very good,

but got a bad migraine from all the barking."

If it was up to me, I'd add these passages to the first chapter of Genesis. Of course, I'm not God, so I have no Biblical editing privileges. I'm just a purveyor with grandiose ambitions of the most excellent raw dog food available. So be it. 

In any case, here's my point: without man's intervention, namely selective breeding, dogs would not exist. There would just be a lot more wolves. Think about it: it all began with a few docile floppy-eared wolves hanging around the prehistoric campfire begging for caribou scraps, culminating with strange-looking drooling breeds like the basset hound and Neapolitan mastiff.

It's still hard for me to fathom how man was able to develop breeds that were so specialized in terms of what they were supposed to do, how they should look and behave. So you've got bossy herding breeds with thick coats, and short-legged yappy terriers built to "go to ground," and hunters' helpers like setters and pointers that actually point to the poor varmint that's about to get his head blown off. I am simply in awe of how man designed dog breeds with such specific traits and abilities.

But as radical as breed development seems, it's still essentially cosmetic in the grand scheme of things. Dogs are still canines, much like cars are motor vehicles. For example, a Ferrari is a lot different than a Dodge Caravan, but these vehicles essentially do the same thing - transport you from Point A to Point B. True, the ride there might be way different, but ultimately the endgame is the same. You arrive at your destination a lot faster and easier. As for dogs, they serve mankind, in many different ways, but they work for us.

Which brings me to my point about sustenance: Cars run on gasoline, and dogs run on food. It took tens of thousands, if not millions of years, for the canine digestive system to evolve based on a diet of raw meat, leftovers in the field, and wild produce. If you ask me, they've done pretty well on that varied diet. So why would we feed them a 100% processed manufactured diet? Convenience, cost? Would you do that for your kids?

I say that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Raw diets have worked and fueled the creation of the wonderful pet that sits beside you on the couch. Doesn't he deserve the same real food that his ancestors thrived on? Doesn't he deserve a raw diet?