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The Dangers of Your Dog Riding in the Backseat

The Dangers of Your Dog Riding in the Backseat

The Dangers of Your Dog Riding in the Backseat

dog with head out of csar window

Snapped this pic at a red light, lucky there were no cops around. Dog in car with head hanging out the window is something that I hate to see because it's so very dangerous. I get the part about taking your dog along with for the ride; it's something I do every chance I get, but come on - would you let your young child do the same thing, or your teenager drive with his head popping out of the sunroof?

Hell no!

Okay, calm down...but I also get the part that maybe your dog needs fresh air? Maybe he's car sick, in which case you can open up the window just enough so his big ole bobble-head can't stick out like an accident waiting to happen. Even the calmest, best-trained Hollywood dog can be prone to a moment of insanity where anything is possible.

Case in point: Once I was walking my dog when someone drove by with an opened window and a German shepherd gloriously hanging its head outside. And when he saw my dog, guess what he done did? Yes ma'am, he leapt out of the moving car like an action star. Fortunately though, he didn't get hurt.

Here's the galling part; when the driver stopped the car to fetch his dog, I made a comment about the danger of driving with an open window and a dog. Can you believe the miscreant yelled at me for "telling him what to do"?

Understand that I wasn't being didactic or facetious or in any way flippant, I was resolved that this should not happen again. Besides, that German shepherd scared the bejesus out of me. All this to say keep your dog safely in your car and if you really feel the urge for a thrill, try bungee-jumping instead.