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Dogs in Cars Getting Frothy

Dogs in Cars Getting Frothy

Dogs in Cars Getting Frothy

Lemme tell you about Harry, the dog I had to give back to the breeder because he was afraid to get in the car.
That’s the story.
Understand that in my world, the car plays a key role in raising a dog. I use it as a de facto mud room, dining room, and also as a side-kicking caboose.

You see my dog, DJ, just loves the car. He literally jumps for joy when we head towards the car, and once he's inside, the guy becomes so calm. In fact, I've pulled over to the roadside on many occasions to ensure he's still there.
Something about the car, particularly when you're a passenger that can lull you to sleep or glue you to the window watching life go by. 

I get such a charge when the car ride transforms into DJ's window on the world. It gets his mind going. Kind of like an interactive canine version of a movie, only he's part of it.

The car is particularly helpful after you walk the dog in wet weather like rain or snow. Instead of giving him that intense towel rubdown before you enter your home, do it in the car where you don't have to worry about messing up. It's also easier on your back because the hatchback is elevated. 

Here's what you need to do if you want to car-raise your dog,

Step 1: Get a car with a hatchback..
Step 2: Get a rubber mat of high quality to cover the hatchback floor area.
Step 3: Furnish the hatchback area with a dog bed and feeding bowl.
Step 4: Indoor parking is a must. Dogs must never be left outside in cars, particularly in winter and summer for obvious reasons.

Trust me on this one; once you integrate the car into your dog's life, you won't want to live without it.

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