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What to do When You Run Out of Dog Food

What to do When You Run Out of Dog Food

What to do When You Run Out of Dog Food

dog and cat eating human food

It happens to the best of us, including guys who own pet food companies. We run out of pet food on that long weekend when the stores are closed and launch into a Code 9 panic. But fear not fellow pet owners, for wild feline and canine adults can go days without food.  As strange as it sounds, "famine" is part of their diet.

Of course let's not fool ourselves, we have domesticated versions of these great carnivores and our guys eat daily. Still, if little Precious goes without her regular food for a couple of days, she'll survive, especially if you've got a kitchen. 

In fact, let's take a look in the fridge: Therein lies a couple pieces of Monday night's cooked chicken breast that's looking a tad anemic. Then there's the three elderly brown eggs staring into space and bored out of their minds trapped in the egg tray above the fusty chunk o' cheddar, remnants of that 20 lb wheel of cheese you bought at Costco last Christmas - (or was it the Christmas before?) 

Peek into that Tupperware neatly tucked away in the back of the fridge and one finds a neglected fillet of salmon napping on a bed of wild rice and brocoli - (the healthy  meal that Little Melvin pushed aside for yet another orangey bowl of mac 'n cheese). And finally, there are the bottom bins where lo and behold, lie the Four Wise Pears and two bruised apples you were saving for Halloween. You take a deep breath and gingerly open the adjacent veggie bin: Whoa - it's the gnarly mutant carrot that's been condemned to this winter's snowman's nose staring you in the face! Finally, you sneak a peek into the pantry which reveals a great stack of no-name canned tuna that no one in the house will ever eat and a tin of sardines sobbing in the corner.

"Some people see neglected food as it is, and ask why. I see unused food and ask, Why not? (For my pet)?"

You get where I'm going with this. Not only is this food perfectly okay for your pet, but it will get you out of a jam. Before you know it, Monday morning will roll in and you can fetch your pet their usual assortment of fresh goodies.

So panic not, dear pet-owner, because there's unloved food in every kitchen just waiting for the chance to make your pet happy.