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spaniel eating raw dog food from bowl

How Much Do I Feed my Cat / Dog?

How Much Do I Feed my Cat / Dog?

Probably the question I get asked the most is: How much do I feed my cat or dog on a raw diet? Okay, so I'll give you the standard answer (which can be found on our Feeding Guide - Rule of thumb is 2.5% per day of your cat / dog's body weight. So if your dog weighs 50 lbs, he'd eat about 1.25 lbs per day of raw food. 

Of course it's not exact, if your dog is old and inactive he'd eat a little less, if you have a puppy he'd eat double that and if you have say, a skinny cat, you'd also want to give him a little more.

However, once people have an idea of the amount they should feed their pet, they tend to get a little overly concerned about giving the exact same daily portions. This is where I think people are going overboard. You don't have to feed your cat or dog the exact same amount every day. For example, if Rover has been swimming all day in the country, you might want to feed him more. After all, he's burnt a lot of calories. Conversely, if he had a few extra treats the day before and was a couch potato all day, you should feed him a little less.

Think about it: do you eat the same quantity of food every day? (I wish I did!) My point is not to get stressed about feeding that perfectly weighed portion every day. Play it a bit by ear, get a feel for your dog or cat's needs for that particular day. Remember, owning a pet is not a science, it's a way of life...