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Metoo, the Canine Version

Metoo, the Canine Version

Metoo, the Canine Version

The way I see it, the canine Metoo movement always lurked beneath the furry coats of our dog buddies. Just that it's more like the toddler version - which is basically, "If you have it, me want it too."

Doesn’t matter what - a bone, a toy, cuddles from a stranger, "Me want it too!"

Woof woof! Waaa Waaa!

Like a toddler, dogs are completely self-centered. It's always about what’s in it for them. Oh sure, you've heard of all those heroic dog stories, makes good copy. Doggy Metoo however, does not.

All this occurred to me last weekend over brunch at our friends' house, Fred and Wilma Liverspitz. They’ve got this fluffy critter, Smedley, some kind of bizarre snorky-doodle that some (not me) would call a dog.

So whenever we go over to the Liverspitz's, which is often, I always bring over a bag of raw treats. Not only does this bring joy to Smedley's life, but it gets my picky dog, DJ, eating as well. He might turn up his nose to raw treats at home, but when DJ's fed alongside Smedley in the Liverspitz backyard, he's a beast. 


Because Smedley loves it. No other reason. Just Metoo.
What a charade. Doesn't DJ know that I'm on to ? He may be 11 years old, but seriously, what a baby. 

And may I add that DJ isn't possessive about his food. There's never been a fight over a treat and if there's one piece left, I will always give it to Smedley.
A dog's motivation is not complex. They live on a world of tit-for-tat, me too, me too. Selfish, ego-driven shaggy buggers if you ask me.
Meanwhile I always look forward to weekend brunches at the Liverspitz's and not just for the fine food, the camaraderie and open bar. I'm hooked on the insanity of this little Metoo act, this theatre of the absurd.

As they say, the best things in life are insane.

That's why I will always have a dog.