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Added Benefits of a Raw Diet

Added Benefits of a Raw Diet

Added Benefits of a Raw Diet

The problem is that most pet owners think that feeding their cat or dog is all about the food. What the pet likes, what it doesn't. What's good for Precious.

Fair enough, but actually, it's about a lot more. A cat or dogs' meal is not just about eating, it's a central point of their lives.

2 cats behind a rock

Here's what I mean: In the wild, an animal is focused on survival and food is the fuel sustaining their existence. But unlike humans (and domesticated animals), food is a life-source that must be caught. The lion pursues the impala, the wolf preys on the deer and the fox stalks the rabbit. That's just the way it is.

Consequently, most of a carnivore's life revolves around hunting for their food source. Needless to say, that takes time and energy. Lots of it.

That's why food presented to your pet on a proverbial silver platter will never satisfy him completely. He'd much prefer to hunt for that food with the pack. It's nature's way of giving him a raison d'etre.

Don't get me wrong though; I'm not suggesting you should make your pet hunt for his food. After all, your cat or dog has been a domesticated work-in-progress for some 20,000 years, give or take a few millennium. Still, you don't have to serve him ultra-processed food on that silver platter. At least feed him raw.

Not only is a balanced raw diet much healthier and more biologically appropriate for your cat or dog, but it will force him to chew, to tear, to growl with glee. Include meaty bones, duck necks and even the odd chicken or salmon carcass as part of his diet.

Understand that for your pet, eating is an activity, a call to his primal genes, it's what he's about. And that's a lot more than just a meal.

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