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Why Raw Diets Are Appropriate for Large Breeds

Why Raw Diets Are Appropriate for Large Breeds

rottweiller pup

Power breeds like Rottweillers need power food like Mrs. Meadys. Sierra has been on a raw diet since she was a pup and her impressive physique, shiny coat and white teeth show the results.

Note that she is lean but not thin. This is so important for large breeds so that they don't eventually run into hip problems later in life. For example, there was a really overweight young lab in the neighborhood that developed hip dysplasia at the tender age of two. When he called the breeder to discuss the issue, she promptly replied. Send him back, I'll put him down and give you a new pup.

The owner was horrified and instead put his dog on a raw diet whereupon he dropped 30 lbs. He still limps a bit, but I'm please to report that he's 9 years young and going strong.

So raw is not just right for power breeds, it's a great way to lean down overweight dogs. After. you don't want to hear from your breeder, "I'll take him back." You know how that can end.