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Why a Raw Diet for Your Pet is the Obvious Choice

Why a Raw Diet for Your Pet is the Obvious Choice

Why a Raw Diet for Your Pet is the Obvious Choice

raw is right

The world is flat. Doctors using leeches. Smoking is okay for you. Dark Ages stuff, eh? But unless you feed your cat or dog a raw diet, that's were the rest of the pet food category comfortably rests. In the dark ages.

Think about it: take meat from God knows where, process it till it's hard and dry as a desert stone. Then add carbohydrated fillers, additives and preservatives and your dog, your best friend, a dependent creature whose entire quality of life depends 100% on you. Why would you make him eat that manufactured concoction?

Poor dog. Poor choice.

Now let's think about it and give the benefit of the doubt to every questionable ingredient in this bag of dog food. Even if every piece of that kibble it contains all the protein, carbs and vitamins your dog needs to thrive, it's still 100% artificial, 0% natural.

Now put yourself in that same place: Say doctors and scientists developed a dry cereal that contained every vitamin, protein and carb you needed to thrive: would you eat it day in, day out if you had the option to eat a 100% natural diet of meat, fish and fresh produce?

...Thought so, you wouldn't consider it for a second. So why do it to your best friend? You have the choice to give your dog the best possible food, to feed him a 100% natural diet. Choose right, choose raw!