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Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Several Times During the Day

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Several Times During the Day

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Several Times During the Day

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When we think of dieting, whether it's for us or our pets, we inevitably focus on the food. Maybe it's about portion sizes or the types of foods that we're using, but it's all about the grub. And I have no issue with this train of thought, it's dead on. Change the diet, eat less - enough said.

Not exactly. Once we've adjusted the diet best suited for our pet, there are other things we can do to increase the calorie burn-rate, like exercise. Longer walks, dog park outings and faster-paced walks will help melt away those pounds quicker. Of course, I'm sure you already know that.

But here's something that you may not have considered: staggered feeding. Smaller meals, eating more frequently, like bodybuilders. Understand that digesting burns calories naturally. "The overall thermic effect of food is estimated to be, on average, about 10 percent of your overall calories, according to If you consume 2,000 calories over the course of the day, about 10 percent, or about 200 calories, will be expended on digesting, absorbing, metabolizing and eliminating that food."

So instead of feeding your dog twice during the day, feed him four times, but in half portions. Not only will he lose his extra baggage more efficiently, but your pet will attack his meals with renewed gusto, especially if he's a picky eater. 

Providing you have the time and discipline to "stagger feed" your dog (or cat), it's a healthier way to feed, a real no-brainer. And best of all, like my late great Uncle Boris, the cobbler, once said, "It costs nothing!"