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The Texture of Food

The Texture of Food

The Texture of Food

Texture is an integral part of the Great Culinary Experience. Whether it's sinking your choppers into a juicy steak, crunching on a carrot, or slurping up spaghetti, the "feel of the food"  is right up there with taste. 

Sure, there are unique flavours for every delectable dish, but there’s something about texture that seals the deal.

Consider the Asian pear, a work of fruterial art: sublime taste but texture — DIVINE. Crunchy, crisp, firm but not hard, bursting with refreshing juice that's neither tart nor sweet. 

Don't you think the texture experience is the same thing for dogs and cats? Nothing satisfies them more than the chewy and savoury feel of real meat. Listen carefully to your pet while he eats-emitting that low throaty hum like a newborn Harley.

But for a cat or dog there's even more to texture. Meat massages their gums and cleans teeth, (there's actually an enzyme in it that does the job). Compare this to the texture of kibble, a gum-shredding machine. Might as well sandpaper your pet's gums.

Not good.

Not good at all.

That's why we feed raw: adding texture to the lives of our pets.