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To Roam With Love

To Roam With Love

To Roam With Love

I’m a roamer by nature, a follow-the-wind type of guy who enjoys snooping about, discovering the small, the hidden, and the unrevealed. A bit like those crackpot beachcombers with the metal detectors, only I use my dog, DJ to ferret out the weird and wonderful.

There's always a gnarly prize to be had when I roam about with DJ. I toss the leash aside and find an interesting tract of land, preferably populated with trees and shrubs so I can answer nature's call without getting fined for indecent exposure. 

Letting your dog roam free and unfettered allows his wolfie soul to connect with the surrounding world, makes him complete, and uses all of his powerful senses. This activity fulfills the canis undomesticatis embedded between those floppy ears.

When you take your dog out roaming, adventures lurk between and under every nook and cranny — that groundhog hole next to the tree stump, that discarded gym bag stuffed with unmarked bills (and your city councilor's business card). Who knows, anything is possible? 

Just make sure no one sees you leaving with it.

Trust me, there’s more to dog ownership than just a neighborhood walk. Roaming your pooch will fill that void, that call of the wild that must be answered. So take your furry sidekick to the nearest expanse of undeveloped land you can find, toss the leash aside and throw caution to the wind. Roam aimlessly, roam wild and you too will find your treasure.

Feed your dog while you roam; it’s fun and easy!