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Watering Your Dog

Watering Your Dog

Watering Your Dog

One of the great benefits of a raw diet is its exceedingly high moisture content, something in the range of 75%. This means that a raw-fed cat or dog's body is constantly being flushed with water and that's good. Very good indeed.

That's why raw-feeders are constantly extolling the glowing health of their pets. The water continuously circulating through the systems of those well-fed pets cleanses out the toxins like there's no tomorrow. Ergo, they urinate a lot. Ask any fire hydrant.

Needless to say, these uber-hydrated pets don't go to the water bowl that often. In fact, the main reason that I refill my dog's water bowl is freshen it up; DJ is rarely thirsty. And that at times, can be a problem. It seems like he doesn't need any water. After all, DJ never tinkled on a fire hydrant he didn't like. 

So don't be fooled. Your cat or dog still needs their daily water, just not nearly as much as kibble-fed pets do. Understand that meat has fat and gristle which leave a film of grit and grime on the teeth and palate. Ever notice how you suck on your teeth after a juicy steak? 

Of course a good bowl of fresh water will solve that issue. Still, there are other reasons that your cat or dog needs water. If they were out playing or hunting, they'll be parched and panting when playtime's over. Worse yet, if it's hot out there or if he's panting, (a dog's way of sweating), you can bet your bottom dollar that he needs water.

All this to say: make sure you are constantly replenishing the water bowl whether your pet drinks from it or not. Remember, a living organism can survive a lot longer without food that it can without water.

Just don't forget to water your dog.