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Bison 'N Beef Farm & Country

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Experience the savory symphony of grass-fed Canadian bison and beef, a biologically-appropriate protein feast for your dogs robust constitution and shiny coat.

Introducing Alta Bison 'N Beef, gourmet pet food that prioritizes the health and well-being of your furry companion. Our grass-fed and hormone-free Canadian bison offers a leaner meat alternative with a savory and sweet taste that is sure to tantalize your dog's palate. By offering biologically-appropriate meals containing both Canadian beef and bison, organ meat (beef heart and liver) we ensure a balanced diet rich in protein, essential fatty acids, and robust constitution for your beloved pet. Not only will their coat shine with vitality, but they will also reap the numerous benefits of consuming leaner meats like bison which boasts unique flavor profiles suitable for culinary variety. Moreover, our commitment towards environmental sustainability further solidifies the health advantages of this carefully crafted product as it contributes to lower fat content while maintaining an optimal nutritional profile full of omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), B vitamins such as B2 vitamin (riboflavin) and niacin crucial for overall well-being. Say goodbye to overweight dogs struggling on traditional diets; embrace Alta Bison 'N Beef for better health outcomes!

  • Enjoy the health advantages of leaner, grass-fed Canadian bison and beef with their robust nutritional profile
  • Treat your dog to a savory and sweet taste experience while promoting a shiny coat and balanced constitution
  • Improve your pet's overall well-being by providing lower fat content, omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and conjugated linoleic acid in their diet

Mrs. Meadys’ grass-fed, hormone-free Canadian bison is a leaner meat with a savory and somewhat sweet taste and is perhaps the most biologically-appropriate meat for your dog. A balanced of Canadian beef chock full of the protein and fatty acids necessary to maintain a robust constitution and a luxurious shiny coat. 

Adding bison to beef offers benefits like leaner meat, unique flavor, culinary variety, environmental sustainability, and potential health advantages due to its lower fat content and nutritional profile.

Benefits of Bison 'N Beef for your dog:

Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid — “fat busters,” highly recommended for overweight dogs on diets.

Excellent source of B vitamins, B2 vitamin as well as niacin helps to regulate a healthy and glossy coat and skin. Niacin helps your dog’s body break down sugars and fats and convert them into energy. This fuels the dog’s metabolic functions and protects the health of his brain.

Excellent source of selenium, a mineral that functions as an antioxidant that fights inflammation, guards against degenerative oxidative stress that damages cells and fights the rapid aging process that afflicts most dogs.

Excellent source of zinc which is crucial in the canine body in processing enzymes, proteins, and hormones. Zinc also helps your dog’s immune system and thyroid glands function better. Without the necessary dosage of zinc in your dog’s diet, he will be prone to potentially life-threatening infections.

Excellent source of iron. That’s why bison meat has a nice bright red color – because it’s loaded with iron. Because iron is easy for your dog to absorb, it fuels him with more energy and protects against anemia.

Aside from all of these benefits, the beauty of bison meat is the way that the animals are raised. Free-range, grass-fed in real pastures as nature intended. Bison meat has no hormones, antibiotics or any other chemicals. 

Mrs. Meadys’ Bison is raised and produced in Canada with pride.


No fillers, additives or preservatives!

Naturally treated for purity with our 2PUR ™ system.

"All Mrs. Meadys’ products come from locally sourced suppliers."

Food comes in vacuum packed pouches or ziplocked bags to ensure freshness and easy freezer storage.

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