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Big 'N Balanced Country Burgers 4 Kg

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Type: Dog Food
Color - Ave weight per burger 120 grams

Indulge your big dogs Big 'n Balanced Burgers - the innovative raw diet packed with grain-fed Canadian beef, organ meat, and locally-sourced chicken. With essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins in every bite, our 2PUR system guarantees purity and freshness. Convenient Home Delivery or find us at Our Stores.

Introducing our AAA Jumbo Burgers, the ultimate choice for big dogs seeking a delicious and nutritious meal. With our Jumbo Burger ValuPak, we cater to the needs of your furry companions by providing them with a raw diet that is specifically designed for their optimal health. Carefully crafted using premium ingredients such as grain-fed Canadian beef, hormone-free Canadian veal, and lean beef mixed with ground bone and bone powder rich in calcium and phosphorus, these burgers offer an abundance of essential minerals to support strong bones. We also prioritize quality by including locally-sourced chicken packed with essential amino acids and glucosamines for joint health. To further strengthen your dog's wellbeing, we add a blend of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables bursting with natural minerals and vitamins while ensuring no fillers, additives or preservatives are included in our formula. Our commitment to purity is reinforced through our 2PUR system which guarantees freshness from farm to freezer storage conveniently located at your home after hassle-free Home Delivery or purchase at one of Our Stores near you!

  • Our jumbo burgers are rich in essential nutrients such as lean beef, ground bone, calcium, phosphorous, minerals, and locally-sourced chicken
  • With added fruits and vegetables for fiber, minerals, vitamins and no fillers or additives
  • Our burgers ensure purity and freshness

Big dogs have big appetites! That’s why we created the Jumbo Burger ValuPak with approximately 125 grams per burgers, 4 kg in a pack - a bigger format saving you 40% on your feeding costs. (Of course, nothing stops you from buying the burgers for smaller dogs and cutting them in smaller bite-size pieces).

Jumbo Burger ValuPak (Best raw diet for dogs)

Ingredients: Human-grade Canadian lean beef, grain-fed Canadian duck or chicken with ground or powdered bone, salmon, hormone-free Canadian veal organ meat, vegetables and fruit (carrots, spinach, green peas and apples). The same complete balanced formula is used in our Jumbo Burger ValuPak as is used in our small chunks formats.

About our ingredients: Our grain-fed beef is locally-sourced, federally inspected and custom-cut weekly to ensure freshness. It is a high-quality protein meat with natural vitamins and minerals. Included in the mix are hormone-free Grade A Canadian veal and lamb organ meat which is densely packed with just about every nutrient including generous doses of B vitamins such as: B1, B2, B6, folic acid and vitamin B12. Our beef is also loaded with minerals like phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine, and provide the important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

In addition, the burgers contain ground bone or bone powder which is packed with calcium, phosphorous, protein and minerals that dogs need for good health. Adding bone meal to your dog's food supports his digestion and is a good source of calcium and phosphorus.

Mrs. Meadys’ grain-fed, locally-sourced chicken is an excellent source of essential amino acids and glucosamines, which helps promote bone health and boost your pet's immune system. Chicken is also chockfull of cancer-protective B vitamin and Niacin which helps to regulate glucose levels in the body while converting protein, fat and carbohydrates into usable energy. Vitamin B6 supports energy metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Fruits and Vegetables: Vegetables provide our dog foods with important fiber, minerals and vitamins. We use only human grade vegetables in our mixtures for dogs, including carrots, spinach, peas and a combination of other leafy greens as well as fruits like apples and/or blueberries.

No fillers, additives or preservatives!

Naturally treated for purity with our 2PUR ™ system.

Our ValuPak is packed in ziplocked bags to ensure freshness and easy freezer storage.

We offer Home Delivery for a small fee or you can pick up your order at either of Our Stores.