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5 Things I Learned From My Dog

5 Things I Learned From My Dog

5 Things I Learned From My Dog

welsh terrier at desk

The other day I was listening to an interview with the iconic primatologist, Jane Goodall, whose 6-decade study on wild chimpanzees is legendary. She just released a timely book on climate change, solutions and hope, aptly titled, Book of Hope. Pick up a copy; good brain-food, easy to digest and loaded with fiber.

Back to the interview:

"What animal did you learn from the most?" the interviewer asked dear Jane.

Without a pause, she answered, "From my dogs for sure."

Sixty years living in the heart of an untamed jungle and yet Jane Goodall, the Jane Goodall, heir to Darwin, learned the most from her pot-bellied pooch. Blew my mind, man, but also got me thinking for a change and out of my 'Intense Pickle'- flavored Doritos stupor.

What have I learned from my Welsh terrier, DJ over the past ten years, besides sniffing fire hydrants?? A  torrential flood of dog vignettes flashed through my mind at the speed of light, that's 186,000 miles per second. Pretty fast.
Anyways I decided to scrawl on the back of my hand the first five things that I learned from my dog, (besides the fire hydrant stuff). In no particular order, these are the Canis lupus familiaris pearls of wisdom that I have acquired from my Yoda-like sidekick. 

1) Live in the moment. Nothing else matters.

2) Be friendly and open and - it shall come.

3) Stay cool in a hairy situation. Getting excited never helps.

4) Only engage as a last resort, but engage fearlessly.

5) Just eat enough food to keep you going, don't indulge...(Don't give me that look, I know that I might succumb to the odd tasty tidbit or two on occasion, but who's perfect?)