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Customizing Your Cat or Dog’s Raw Diet

Customizing Your Cat or Dog’s Raw Diet

Customizing Your Cat or Dog’s Raw Diet

wolf eating ribs

I get it: Thawing your pet's raw meal seems almost intuitive, so is cooking it. But like so many things in life, everything depends on the situation. The truth is there are different benefits for each way of serving the food.

Thawing is good for cats, puppies, seniors and dogs with missing teeth. Of course, they don't get much of a chew from the mushy meal, but for these guys, the chew is not the issue. So forget about food cleaning the teeth - not gonna happen.

And speaking of cleaning, thawing is on the messy and pain-in-the-butt side. You must take it out the night before, scoop or chop up the portions and make sure you do a super job of cleaning up, get off all the grime and gristle. Hey, some people find cleaning therapeutic.

Cooking is a wonderful way to get the picky cat or dog to eat because it brings out the aroma, the savory experience of the meat. The scent sense of dogs is so powerful that it's the determining factor of whether your pooch loves or hates the food. Nothing motivates your pet to chow down like the enticing aroma of meat wafting past his nose.

Also, to a certain extent, hot meat simulates the fresh, steaming warm kill of the carnivore. Ever see the steam rising after wolves gorge on a fresh kill in the winter?

That said, freshly killed meat is certainly not cooked, it's just uber fresh in kind of a disgusting way. There ain't a wild carnivore on the planet that eats cooked meat and their short digestive tract certainly didn't evolve to process cooked meat. It's always been about raw.

But how about a New and Improved Raw - namely, frozen raw? You may initially shirk at the thought of it, but please hear me out. No question - eating frozen meat-based meals delivers more benefits, real important ones like:

Cleaning teeth: a frozen chunk of meat scrubs the teeth like a tooth brush and best of all, (unlike kibble), it's non-abrasive. Understand that your cat or dog's mouth is a really hot place, so the water from the chew effectively rinses the teeth. I just took my 8-old dog to the vet and he couldn't get over how white his teeth were, as sparkling as that of a year-old pooch after a visit to the dentist.

Water: Ice is just another form of water. Your pet will get so much water just from his meal that he will rarely drink water from a bowl. Of course, we all know that water is not just the key to good health, but of life itself.

The Chew: There's nothing as gratifying for your pet like the chew of frozen meat. It works the jaw muscles, takes time and satiates your pet carnivore's primal instincts. Cat or dog, big or small, our pets were born to kill, to rip flesh, to chew - that's just what they do. Accept it, embrace it and more important, try it.

The Clean up: There's not much of it, a quick wipe will do. No prep work - well if it's Mrs. Meadys' food that is. Grab a few chunks or meatballs from the bag and drop it in the bowl. C'est tout!

But it's all good, raw that is. So serve it your way, but give frozen a shot!