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Dealing With a Fussy-eating Cat or Dog

Dealing With a Fussy-eating Cat or Dog

Dealing With a Fussy-eating Cat or Dog

cat and dog looking in refrigerator

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Your cat or dog should not be a picky eater. 

Picky eaters are for kids.

Consider these points:

1) I've never heard of a cat or dog starving when offered food every day.

2) Carnivores are not picky eaters by nature. If it's organic matter, they will eat it.

3) Man originally domesticated cats and dogs by throwing them their scraps of food. It worked and today we have such specimens of perfection like the English Pointer and my Uncle Manny, who admittedly, is not completely canine.

4) Modern man (and woman) spoil the hell out of their pets. Sales revenue of close to $20 billion for pet food (in the US) last year. Enough said.

Unless your treasured pet has an allergy, there is no reason for him to turn up his nose at good food whether it's fish, poultry or red meat.

The thing is: We let them get way with it.

Case in point: My Welsh terrier, DJ.

The brat was gobbling up lamb like there was no tomorrow. Then one day out of the blue, he walked away from it. So like a typical guilt-ridden doggy dad, I gave in and fed him turkey which he ate with gusto.

Big mistake.

A week later, I gave him lamb again and as expected he turned away. But this time I refused to cave. I put the lamb back in the freezer and the poor boy didn't get fed that day.

Guess what? The next day he ravaged that same lamb.

All this to say that an animal that has the privilege of living with a caring owner such as you, should not be allowed to dictate his meal preferences. Your carnivore is a beast - albeit a cute one - that should eat like a beast! 

Don't give in to your cunning pet's whims. Trust me, it won't kill him to go a day without food. Do you think wild carnivores have the luxury of eating every day, morning of evening? 

Hell no!

If he's lucky enough to be your baby, he should feast on everything you give him.

Order him healthy food now!