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Wild Animals Eat Natural Food as Should  Cats and Dogs

Wild Animals Eat Natural Food as Should Cats and Dogs

Wild Animals Eat Natural Food as Should Cats and Dogs

squirrel with birds

Have you ever really thought about the wildlife that lives in your neighborhood?

Whether it's squirrels or crows or sparrows, they all have one thing in common. They're in perfect condition. Think about it: Have you ever seen a mangy squirrel, a mottled crow or a fat sparrow?

I doubt it.

Mull over this: Those animals only eat what's out there - seeds, nuts, bugs and any food scraps they can access. No "vet diets" for these common, yet exquisite creatures. 

Compare this wildlife to our domesticated pets; the cats and dogs that are fed "scientific formula foods" designed for every condition imaginable. Allergies, weight-loss, puppy-hood and the list goes on.

The glaring irony to all this is there are so many privileged pets living among us that are a physical mess. They waddle from excess weight, they scratch and itch, their coats are a mess, they look unhealthy and sickly.

How is that possible if we care, shelter and feed them "nutritional" food? 

Because they are eating ultra-processed food that's nothing like what's found in nature. Zero real meat and fresh produce and a ton of additives, preservatives and chemicals. If you can't understand or even pronounce the listed ingredients on the bag of bone-dry kibble, then you've entered the realm of the unknown. Why would you assume that it's the right food for your beloved pet? Because a monolithic company tells you so?

But fortunately you're not that gullible, you're nobody's fool. Common sense tells you that a natural diet, namely a raw diet, is just right for your cat or dog. You look around at the perfect creatures thriving in your neighborhood, feeding off the seeds and fruits and bugs and you understand that nature knows best.

It's as simple as this: a natural diet is the right diet.

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