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Why You Should Feed Your Dog Twice a Day

Why You Should Feed Your Dog Twice a Day

Why You Should Feed Your Dog Twice a Day


Lately I've had a change of mind about not just my dog's feeding schedule, but for most dogs. You see, I used to be a proponent of once-a-day feeding - but not necessarily anymore. My thought process used to be: if the dog eats his raw meal in the morning, he will have to urinate and go to bed with an empty bladder. Keep in mind that a raw diet is something like 70% + water (like the human body), so raw-fed dogs urinate regularly...(to say the least).

Then there was my second point: giving a dog 2 meals a day is something we do because we humanize them. A wild canine would never eat a couple times a day, in fact, they wouldn't even eat daily.

For years, I smugly held on to this conviction, but when I noticed that my dog wasn't always eating his entire meal in the morning - he'd save part for later - I reconsidered. Why was I so adamant about this once-a-day feeding when it obviously wasn't jiving with my dog? After all, I don't want to be as hard-headed as my terrier.

I started feeding him twice a day and noticed that he gobbled down his meals with gusto. Then it hit me: this is more natural to him, so why fight it?

As in life, one has to be flexible, a quality which comes in handy when raising a dog.