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Winter Dog Walking

Winter Dog Walking

Winter Dog Walking

dog playing in snowdog in snow


You know you're getting old when you start complaining about winter. But 'tis the beauty of dogs - they never really age. Well physically maybe, but they approach most of their lives like kids playing in the snow for the first time.

O, the joy of it all, the joy of a winter wonderland!

Ergo, I bundle up snugly, wear warm boots and always give my dog, DJ, a few extra minutes to frolic in the snow. It makes me feel young again, appreciate the beauty of winter too. To see life again, even for just a few fleeting moments, through the eyes of a child. I wouldn't trade it for anything - except poutine...and party sandwiches, I love party sandwiches.

Don't look at me that way! I'm allowed to indulge in the odd calorie-laden comfort food. Besides, my parka covers up any unseemly bulges of fat that may invade this magnificent bod.

Same goes for your dog. Understand that he burns calories in this frigid clime, more so if he's a dog park guy. That's why I feed DJ a little more in the winter, particularly fattier foods like salmon, chicken and lamb. He needs those extra calories for fuel to keep him warm and happy, go mental in a snowbank.

But feed him more, not just because it's cold outside; do it for yourself mainly because you want to watch him savor the magic of winter. You want those snowy bits of enchantment etched it in your memory like your first kiss.  

Carpe di winter, I say, it lasts but five months a year, six if it's a bad April.