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Meet the adorable Waffles, a Mrs. Meadys fan. From the words of her owner, "Wanted to say the raw diet helps her to stay healthy, her coat is soft and her poop doesn't smell. I'm very satisfied and happy with the raw diet I'm giving her. Thank u so much."
Carolina A., Montreal
Since we have Rocco on a raw diet, the thin patches of fur that was missing have all grown back, he barely sheds and his fur is super soft....
Steve S., Montreal
My dogs love Mrs. Meadys' dog food. This is the most natural and healthy way to feed my pets. It's the first time I have crying in the morning and they follow me around after their breakfast just to make sure I did not forget anything like a second portion... if you know what I mean.
Patricia H., Hudson
We try to feed our dog, Graham, the closest to a natural raw food diet that we can. Mrs. Meady's beef and grain-fed chicken are just the meal ticket we were looking for. Graham just can't get enough of the flavour and we know that he's getting the best food to keep him healthy and spry. We get our dog food delivered to our home and it makes our life much easier.
Eric C., Montreal
Wendy, my Italian Greyhound, is doing great! She gained 2 pounds already and she really loves Mrs. Meadys' food. It's a success :)
Sebastien F., Montreal
OMG! My bulldogs, Oscar and Lola love Mrs. Meadys dog food! The only problem I have now is I have to feed them in separate rooms because they'll fight to eat all they can get.
Stella V., Montreal
My dog Bear, a lab-husky mix who is 11 or 12 years old, had a ruptured ulcer and almost died. He had life saving surgery and came home as a picky eater. He took to Mrs. Meadys and gobbles every morsel! Thank you, Howard & David!!
Melanie S., Montreal
What time of day is it? Meadys time of course, the best time!
Sandra L., Lasalle
Check out this hunk, Gutta, a pittie who's built like a bullmastiff with a laid back demeanor. Before Gutta went on the Mrs. Meadys raw diet, he was plagued with a bunch of annoying allergies and racking up some hefty vet bills in the meantime. Almost immediately it all changed and today Gutta is in better shape than ever!
Marc T., Montreal
Hi David, I hope everything is going well with you, I'm just sending you a picture of Grizzly we took this week, his coat never been so shiny, he's crazy about the food and everything is going so well! Just a quick thank you again ! :)
dog, pitbull, customer review Mrs. Meadys raw dog foodFrancis W., Montreal
Jackson is one special miniature pinscher topping the scales at some 20 lbs, considerably bigger than your typical 7 - 8 lb specimen of the breed. We like to think that aside from outstanding genetics, that a couple of years on a Mrs. Meadys' diet figured in prominently to Jackson's robust conformation. Needless to say, this jumbo-sized mini pin has a healthy appetite and eats a wide variety of protein meats, from fish to elk and everything in between.
Richard K., Montreal
Do teacup chihuahuas love Mrs. Meadys? You bet!
Esther M., Montreal
I feed Balto, my German Shepherd, the best. He absolutely loves his Mrs. Meadys food. It's great for his teeth and coat and the wide variety of products allow me to give him a balanced diet without feeding him the same products day after day. And the service is great, I get regular weekly deliveries and a lot of helpful advice.
Sam E., Westmount
Hunter. A beautiful, vocal and extremely playful Bengal cat, that we have made part of our family. Choosing him, settling on a breeder and bringing him home for the first time was quite an experience. Lots of research about the breed lead to long nights reading countless articles.Then I fell on nutrition. How can I spend so much time, love and energy and not give Hunter the very best. I started reading and reading and decided there was no way Hunter would eat commercial food. All the byproducts and the big companies that only cared about their portfolios instead of Hunter keeping us company for many years to come. I decided to go raw and considered doing it myself. After more research I fell on Mrs. Meadys. I read their reviews, scouted their Facebook page and decided to give them a call. I spoke to David, and we spoke for 30 mins. I was just calling to see what they would say, but after speaking to David, he literally took me by the hand and advised me on what was best for Hunter. I started with the starter pack. Howard rang the doorbell less then 90 minutes after I had ordered, speedy service, it's also worth mentioning I live off the island. Hunter had only been at my home for 3 days and was 9 weeks old so I was not sure how he would like to food. David had explained to me a few ways to introduce the food to Hunter, but I tried it cold turkey. I took a few cubes and cut them in more manageable pieces for little hunter. He went straight for it, and loved it. It is now 8 weeks we have Hunter, he is growing quickly but loves his eating time. His absolute favorite are chicken, beef heart and liver. He also eats turkey and mussels. I cannot thank the Mrs. Meadys team enough for their great service and support. They have walked me through the whole process. I am currently awaiting another Bengal cat, and I'm sure he will be just as happy, eating what nature intended them to eat, raw meat and bones. I almost must add, Hunter is always complemented on his amount of energy he has, and I truly believe this is solely based on his diet. Hunters breeder saw him last week and could not believe how in shape he has remained and how luxurious and shiny his coat is. For a lady that has 10 cats and give or take 30 kittens at any given time, I believe that's the best compliment of all. Many thanks again to the Mrs.Meadys team.
Danny V., Laval
Cats & Dogs Do Raw! Since my dog has been eating raw food his poop has vastly improved, the stools are healthy and less smelly. Also, her teeth are cleaner and brighter because she eats the food frozen...Let,s not forget my cat, who absolutely loves her liver!
N.V., Montreal
My dogs looove their Mrs. Meadys food! So much that we are now feeding them a raw diet and my little female has even put on weight during the last couple of weeks. It's a very convenient way to feed them a raw diet. And they also love the marrow bones sooo much!
Gen N., Lachine
Before I put my Doberman, Zais, on a Mrs. Meadys' raw diet, he had a bad skin allergy and chronic diarrhea. I tried everything, but nothing worked. Fortunately, the new raw diet changed all that. His skin allergies went away and so did the chronic diarrhea. Zais put on a few badly needed pounds and now his coat is so shiny, people actually ask me if I wax him. My vet attributed his improvement to the varied raw diet. And best of all it's natural!
Phil S., Laval
Here's a happy new Meadys' camper. A picky little diva with an appetite only for the best: "A MIRACLE!!!!!!!! He licked the bowl clean...did the chicken and added a little egg white...He inhaled it...I am thrilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you : )...I am so excited that he likes something :)"
Lamara I., St.Laurent
When you have a Weimaraner, you know that you have a dog that is high energy, needs to move and, in our case, is also prone to allergic reactions. In the past, we put him on a raw diet to make sure that he received the best he could get and to reduce his chances of getting an allergic reaction. When we learned of Mrs. Meady’s , we wanted to try it out. Having someone locally who has raw food of great quality is exactly what we needed. The quality and the variety can’t be beat.
Steven J., NDG