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Cantex Italian Greyhounds owner says: "We are recommending Mrs. Meadys to all our pet owners.
Brenda C, Millbrook, Ontario
Check out Mauka, the sweetest dobie you will ever meet. She's been doing great since switching to a natural Mrs. Meadys' diet. She put on a few needed pounds and her coat is thicker and shinier than ever before.
Alicia C, Montreal
"My canine companions and I love Mrs.Meadys! We have different reasons, of course - but we all wholeheartedly agree, it's the place to be! They love the variety - what fun to have a different meat or blend to tantalize their palate everyday. And because it comes in such a convenient cubed format, they even get to enjoy raw treats as well! On my end, I absolutely love the Mrs.Meadys posse! Always smiling and superbly helpful, the customer service experience they offer is unparalleled. Ps: especially adore the new five pound bag format! Economical, convenient and environmentally friendly - huzzah!"
Shannon R.
Blacky is doing awesome since he is on Mrs. Meadys raw diet! He's a pretty big Boston Terrier puppy and he'a having all the nutrients he needs to grow strong and healthy!
Denny M., Laval
Check out what the owner of this spectacular wolf-husky hybrid has to say about Neo's new Mrs. Meadys' diet: I am very satisfied with the food I received. It took a couple days for my hybrid to adjust...Neo prefers the Chevaline and Balanced mixes and loves the lamb and veal tails very much!
Vick D., Ottawa
Raw feeding is a family tradition in this champion line of blue ribbon Leonbergers. John gets his babies on raw as soon as they can chew and by the looks of things, he doesn't have to do much convincing.
John B., Westmount
How do senior dogs do on a Mrs. Meadys raw diet? Very well, thank you, according to Noelle, the 12-year old Border Collie.
Massimo C., Montreal
Octavia, this adorable little 4 pound chi, wasn't eating her dry food, so her mom decided to try out a Mrs. Meady's raw diet. Now we're pleased to report that she's eating with passion!
Melanie M., Montreal
Had the best experience over the phone, I just can imagine how friendly and devoted these people are in person!
Kevin D., Montreal
Many thanks for all your help and advice, Mrs. Meadys, my wife thanks you, the dogs thank you and I thank you…
Tony F., Montreal
These guys rock our socks off! Floyd and Fiona are happy and healthy, thanks to the variety of raw food available through Mrs.Meadys!
Shannon R., Montreal

Nora my gorgeous Leonberger is thriving on her Mrs. Meadys diet of beef, lamb, chicken & turkey necks, liver, heart and veggies. Her teeth are clean, coat is shiney and she has lots of energy. I also love the great customer service that I get from Mrs. Meadys with home delivery.

Val C., Westmount
My two dogs absolutely love Mrs Meady's raw diet. They are the pickiest dogs in the world and will hardly eat anything. We put down a bowl of the raw chicken and they devoured it within minutes! Mrs Meady's has excellent customer service and we are so happy that we have found them :)
Samantha B., Laval
I just wanted to say that after I picked up my sample pack today, I went home and took a piece of the fish, beef & chicken mix and cut it up into 6 smaller pieces. It was still frozen but not hard like a rock. My miniature schnauzer-terrier mix loved it. I then gave him another chunk. He gobbled that up. I gave him the same mix for supper, and he ate all of that too. I will certainly be coming back after the holidays for more. Thank you so much.
Lorraine B., Lasalle
We all know that cats can be picky eaters, sometimes it just takes a little patience to get them going on raw: "Rosie my cat, is officially eating raw meat only with no complaints! More or less. I'd like if she ate more of her little chicken cube but enh, it's a start. Mrs. Meadys is awesome! ^_^ Maddie, however, being the 11 year old grumpygrump she is, isn't eating a lot without the fancy feast mixed in, yet.
Michelle D., Montreal
I have always been a great supporter of feeding a raw diet to our domesticated carnivores, but when you have a large dog, as I do, it can be a very expensive, and/or time consuming proposition. Now that I have found YOU however, that problem is solved. The product is excellent, offering high quality and variety in an easy-to-feed format, and the prices cannot be beat! My Emma, a very fit and very food-sensitive 6 year old German Shepherd, is thriving and looks forward to her mealtimes as never before.
Janine H., Montreal
We're proud to count Lite, part of the police force's K9 unit, as one of our customers. Lite is a spectacular German shepherd (imported from Germany).
Alex S., Montréal
Tag and Sneakers, our Italian Greyhounds, absolutely LOVE Mrs. Meadys.  Not only are there many choices available (Beef, Chicken, Rabbit, Bison & Veggie Mix to name a few) but each is packaged with a convenient zip top, making dinner time a snap!  Excellent quality and great value!
Jane D., Kitchener, Ontario
Lots of our customers are dog professionals, like Sebastien, a dog-walker and boarder, (highly recommended). Who knows better what their dog needs to eat than a pro? Here's a pic of Seb's bedroom with his weekend boarders. Looks like a happy brood!
Sebastien M, Montreal
We're proud to count Lite, part of the police force's K9 unit, as one of our customers. Lite is a spectacular German shepherd (imported from Germany).
Alex S., Montréal