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Saber is helluva dog and maybe more - as in part wolf. Whatever the case may be, he's all canine and loves his raw diet and the variety he gets from Mrs. Meadys. Special favorites, elk, bison and lamb.
Kirya M., Montreal
Hi David, nice meeting you in Montreal last month. This is Liberty and he absolutely loves the Wapiti Elk you guys carry.
Chris K., New Hampshire
We love Weimies and this beaut loves Mrs. Meadys. Her dad writes. "All is great thanks. As soon as she sees me go to the freezer to get her food she starts jumping. Thanks for everything."
Louis S., Montreal
Congrats to our fave Malamute breeder, Zoe, owner of Tonomi Malamutes on her newest arrivals born yesterday. Mom's (Crayola) first breakfast since giving birth consisted of Mrs. Meadys' bison tripe, veal and duck. Pleased to hear that all are doing well.
Tonomi Alaskan Malamutes, Quebec
Jackson the pom has a discerning palate with a taste for rabbit, duck and...mostly everything else! And what a gorgeous coat, one of the major benefits of a Mrs. Meadys' raw diet.
Lydia B., Montreal
Two years later on a raw food diet and Sarah writes: Taz has such a nice shiny coat thanks to his Mrs.Meadys diet :)
Sarah T., Nova Scotia
Love bird huskies Jack and Leeloo munch on a wide variety of Meadys' goodies, and have a special loves for treats like lamb & veal tails, duck necks and bison tripe.
Maggie C., Montreal
I'm always impressed with a well trained dog and Benson the boxer is one of the most obedient and well-mannered dogs that I have met. Here he is eating his meaty bone in the living room, but he knows that it can only be eaten on his "bone" towel. He makes sure that it stays there, so the living room never gets dirty. Great job Chris!
Chris L., Montreal
After just a few months on the Mrs. Meadys' raw diet, my dog is doing amazing! He already lost 5 pounds (as needed). My vet couldn't get over how great he looks and how shiny his coat is. Now he jumps with enthusiasm when I go to the freezer to pull out his food!
Alex L., Montreal
I started to add one Popeye raw meat ball (Beef and Kale) to each of my dog's meals. She gets so excited now when it's meal time that she almost jump in anticipation. She waits until I put the Popeye meat ball in her dish and then leaves with it to enjoy it in another room. She then comes back to finish her meal. I've never seen my dog so excited about food! Even if I bury the Popeye ball under her food, she finds it an eats it first. Mika also loves the BeefenBerry mix and the beef liver too. Your food is a big hit at home! Bravo Mrs. Meadys!
Nathalie R., Montreal
I never knew my bulldog could jump so high, until I started feeding him a Mrs. Meadys' healthy & natural diet. It's also so easy to store in my freezer and stays fresh because it's vacuum-packed. Now my dog gets so excited when I feed him. I also noticed that he's shedding much less and smells better...
Sue R., Ottawa
My dogs have never loved any dog food as much as Mrs. Meadys dog food! I'm convinced that it's the best food to keep big dogs healthy and their teeth clean.
Dimitra V., Montreal
I've noticed much more improvement in behavior with us from our 15 yr old Welsh Terrier, Lailoo. She's more open to our affection and eating better and sleeping all night every night for the past 2 weeks now!
Lisa, Laval, Quebec
Diesel has very specific Dietary needs and absolutely can not have any Commercial Dog Food and or Supplements. All his nutritional requirements must be met through fresh raw sources. For years I have struggled with this till a Friend from Mississippi pointed me to Mrs. Meadys right here in my own backyard. DOH ! Everything I need in one-stop-shopping, what a blessing.
Cheryl C., Montreal
My dog loves the food! He much more energy now, no more rheumatism. His doesn't make him suffer anymore and no he can go up the stairs in one breath. The fact that the meat is frozen raises no problem for him...even if he only has a fang or two left!
Nathalie F., Montreal
Vali, my Valley Bulldog just LOVES her meat chunks! Valley Bulldogs are bred in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and are a Boxer/English Bulldog mix (over several generations). Although our Vali is a bit small for the breed (we believe she was probably the runt of her litter), she's strong and healthy and full of energy due in no small part to her Mrs. Meady diet. Thank-you!!!
Shelly C., Longueuil
Taz, our mini pin, loves the food from Mrs. Meadys. Especially the beef cubes, he's a very big fan, and a happy doggy!
Mikw T., DDO
Introducing Dara, the jumbo-sized Bernese pup. Almost 80 lbs at just 6 months and growing. No doubt the raw Mrs. Meadys diet helps!
Mina, Montreal
The choices we make for our pets are very important. This is Moose, a malamute - wolf hybrid and one of the most beautiful and calmest dogs you will ever meet. Moose likes to start his meal with a little bison tripe and move on to an assortment of other delectables from there.
Dany P., DDO
Strong & Healthy. Meet Rygel, a 7 year-old Weimaraner, a picture of great canine health and a Mrs. Meadys' customer from the start.
Jean G., Montreal