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Hypoallergenic Kangaroo-Rabbit

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Type: Dog Food
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Indulge your pooch or petit minou with our premium Hypoallergenic Kangaroo-Rabbit blend, a premium mix of lean red meat and organ meat. Free from canine food allergens like beef, dairy, chicken, lamb, corn, wheat, soy and yeast. Locally-sourced vegetables and fruit provide essential nutrients for your dogs digestive system. This hormone-free raw food is not only beneficial but also wild in taste!

Introducing our revolutionary Hypoallergenic Kangaroo-Rabbit, a cutting-edge product designed to cater to the unique dietary needs of canines with allergies. Unlike traditional meats such as cows and chickens that often trigger allergic reactions in sensitive dogs, our hypoallergenic meat is free from common allergens like wheat and dairy products. Crafted specifically for dogs prone to food sensitivities, this premium blend consists of lean red meat sourced from hormone-free kangaroos combined with nutrient-rich organ meat and locally-sourced vegetables and fruits. Our Kangaroo-Rabbit mix raw food eliminates canine food allergens commonly found in beef, dairy, chicken, lamb, corn, wheat, soy, yeast or commercial dry foods. By adopting raw diets enriched with our innovative product's benefits - being leaner than conventional options while boasting lower cholesterol levels yet higher protein content - your four-legged companion can indulge in a truly wild culinary experience without compromising their digestive system's well-being

  • Hypoallergenic Kangaroo-Rabbit provides a safe alternative to traditional meats, reducing allergic reactions in dogs
  • Our premium blend includes locally-sourced vegetables and fruits for added nutrition
  • The Kangaroo-Rabbit mix raw food excludes common canine food allergens found in commercial dry foods, promoting overall well-being

Kangaroo is considered by many to be the most hypoallergenic meat available. Most cows and chickens are fed wheat and dairy products to help them grow quickly, a practice which can trigger allergic reaction in some dogs. By contrast, kangaroos graze naturally and their hormone-free, lean red meat is gentle and soothing on the dog’s digestive system. A premium blend which also includes hormone-free organ meat and locally-sourced vegetables and fruit. 

Kangaroo-Rabbit mix raw food for dogs

Ingredients: Kangaroo, rabbit

The most common canine food allergens include: Beef, dairy, chicken, lamb, corn, wheat, soy and yeast, which are present in most commercial dry foods and raw diets as well.

But the benefits of kangaroo-rabbit don’t end with their hypoallergic aspect, they are also leaner, lower in cholesterol and higher in protein content than commercial meats. This wild game meats also have higher concentrations of iron and essential fatty acids and are full of flavor, which is sure to make your dog's tail wag as he wolfs it down.

In addition, Hypoallergenic Kangaroo-Rabbit contains ground bone or bone powder which is packed with calcium, phosphorous, protein and minerals that dogs need for good health. Adding bone meal supports digestion and is a good source of calcium and phosphorus.

"All Mrs. Meadys’ products come from locally sourced suppliers."

Naturally treated for purity with our 2PUR ™ system.

Food comes in vacuum packed pouches or ziplocked bags to ensure freshness and easy freezer storage.

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