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Bison Surf 'n Turf

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Type: Dog Food
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Nourish your canine companion with Bison Surf n Turf - a premium meal packed with robust health benefits, a balanced mix of human-grade ingredients including free-range Canadian bison, powdered beef bone, and Arctic seal oil. Fuel their protein needs, enhance fatty acids' intake, fortify iron-clad constitution for a shiny coat. Boost land and sea-sourced nutrition to improve heart health, endurance; promote healthy coat and stronger immune system for optimal growth and development.

Introducing the Bison Surf 'n Turf, a truly exceptional premium meal for dogs seeking robust health and a balanced mix of nutrition from land and sea. Crafted with utmost care, this human-grade diet features free-range Canadian bison as its primary protein source, combined with powdered beef bone and beef liver to enhance the iron-clad constitution of your furry companion. Enriched with Arctic seal oil, this formula provides essential fatty acids that promote optimal heart health, endurance and a healthy coat. Moreover, the Bison Surf 'n Turf is fortified with key nutrients to support stronger immune systems and facilitate proper growth and development in your beloved pet. Give your loyal friend the nourishment they deserve with this extraordinary blend!

  • Give your furry friend a shiny coat and improved heart health by incorporating Bison Surf 'n Turf into their diet
  • The inclusion of Arctic seal oil ensures an ideal balance of essential fatty acids
  • Fuel your dog's endurance and promote healthy growth and development with the balanced mix of land and sea ingredients found in Bison Surf 'n Turf
  • Your pet will benefit from stronger immune system support
  • Provide your canine companion with the ultimate nutrition boost by choosing Bison Surf 'n Turf as their go-to meal option

Your dog's premium go-to meal for robust health. A balanced mix of human-grade, free-range Canadian bison, powdered beef bone and Arctic seal oil. Chock full of the protein and fatty acids necessary to maintain an iron-clad constitution and a luxurious shiny coat. Fortify your dog with the best of land and sea! 

Main Benefits

  • Improved Heart Health & endurance
  • Shiny, Healthy Coat
  • Stronger immune System
  • Helps With Growth & Development