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Feline Balance Mix

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Type: Cat Food

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Indulge your feline with our purrfectly balanced mix of Canadian beef and omega-rich fatty acids for a healthy, shiny coat.

Feline Balance Mix is the ultimate meal for your feline friend. Made with only human-grade ingredients, this mix includes Canadian beef and organ meat, chicken, chicken bone meal and seal oil, a mix that is loaded with essential fatty acids that are key to maintaining a healthy and shiny coat in cats. Unlike other commercial cat foods, Feline Balance Mix contains zero fillers or artificial preservatives ensuring that your cat receives all necessary nutrients without any harmful additives. With our unmatched quality control standards, you can be confident in providing your pet with an exceptional culinary experience tailor-made to their needs. Invest in Feline Balance Mix today and let them indulge in the taste of wholesome nutrition!

  • Feline Balance Mix provides a nutritious and complete cats meal, made with human-grade ingredients
  • Our blend is rich in protein and essential fatty acids that promote healthy skin and a shiny coat for your feline friend
  • With its high-quality ingredients, our mix offers an excellent source of nutrition that will keep your cat feeling satisfied and energized throughout the day

Your cat’s go-to meal. A balanced mix of human-grade Canadian beef, liver, heart, chicken and seal oil with beef bone. Chock full of the protein and fatty acids necessary to maintain a robust constitution and a luxurious shiny coat. Give your cat the best of all worlds! Good for cats of all ages.