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Salmon 'n Liver for Cats

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Type: Cat Food
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Elevate your petit minou's vitality with our revolutionary Salmon n Liver blend, enriched with omega fatty acids for a lustrous coat and agile joints

Salmon 'n Liver for Cats is a meticulously crafted formula that provides numerous health benefits to your feline companions. This blend contains omega fatty acids sourced from Atlantic salmon, which promotes a healthy coat and flexible joints in cats of all ages. The high protein content derived from premium quality meats, such as liver, delivers essential nutrients crucial for bone and joint health while reducing the risk of arthritis and other bone-related ailments commonly affecting senior cats. By incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids into their diet, this formula alleviates joint issues and symptoms associated with IBD. Moreover, these wonder foods also bolster the immune system against allergies or intolerances while rejuvenating damaged skin in its raw natural state. Loaded with vitamins and healthy properties vital for aging felines' declining mobility, our Salmon 'n Liver recipe is an unrivaled choice when it comes to maintaining overall well-being in your beloved pets' digestive system."

  • Enhance your cat's overall well-being with the omega fatty acids found in Salmon 'n Liver for Cats, promoting a healthy coat and flexible joints
  • Support bone and joint health in senior cats by reducing the risk of arthritis and other bone-related ailments with this high-protein raw food blend
  • Boost your cat's immune system and combat inflammation effectively through the anti-inflammatory properties of Atlantic salmon included in this nutrient-rich formula
  • Improve digestive system function and enhance skin health for aging felines by providing them with essential nutrients from liver, red meats, and internal organs present in this wonder food blend

Help your cat stay energized and sprightly! The essential omega fatty acids present in salmon promote a healthy coat and flexible joints. Cats are highly active and need high protein meats like salmon and liver to thrive.

Salmon and liver raw food blend for cats

Ingredients: Atlantic Salmon with skin, crushed bone and cartilage, veal liver

Salmon is a superfood for cats with arthritis and for senior cats prone to bone-related ailments. This unique blend of fresh Atlantic salmon, ground skin, crushed bone and cartilage is rich in nutrients critical to bone and joint health. Equally important, salmon aids in the construction of new ligaments, curbs inflammation and improves joint and IBD issues. Limping be gone!

Salmon’s Omega-3 fatty acids are a natural anti-inflammatory for the entire body making it an excellent choice for cats with allergies or intolerances to other non-fish proteins. Because salmon is a fatty fish, it’s an excellent source of all those wonderful omega-3 fatty acids that support the immune system and heal damaged and itchy skin.

Omega-3 fatty acids are fragile they can become damaged by heat (cooking) or oxidation. Consequently, feeding salmon in its raw natural state means they can be better assimilated by the body. That said, salmon delivers so many good vitamins and healthy properties that there are still great benefits for those who prefer to serve it cooked.

Salmon’s natural joint and bone benefits make it a wonder food for aging felines that are in the throes of declining mobility. Furthermore, many of these senior cats don’t do that well on a rich diet of red meats and salmon can deliver the goods without overburdening their internal organs and digestive system.

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